Monday Mugshot, Week 9.

1. Yet again in my Pjs sorry! So this is what I'm planning on hopefully looking like for the Curves in Couture event on Thursday evening in London. Though I know whenever I'm playing with my hair and make up it looks really good then when I come to doing it for the actually event it always ends up looking a mess!

2. So I have a big week of traveling Wednesday I'm in Leeds for a conference then Thursday I'm traveling to London then coming back Friday morning! And all of this is by bus so kill me now, I don't travel brilliantly so it will be interesting. When I'm in London I'm getting to stay with one of my oldest friends and it'll be so lovely to spend a little time with him, that and I'm staying with him again a week later for the simply be event to I think, he'll be sick of been soon!

3. I'm actually so nervous about London and I don't really know why? It might be because I'm going to an event that's different to any I've been to before or because I've never gone on the bus and don't know my way around very well at all not from Victoria coach station anyway! I think I'm just bloody terrified of getting lost in London or missing my bus or something.

4. The Risk from XFactor are at my uni this weekend and I've bought tickets... I wasn't even massively keen I just thought Andy was a bit of a beaut, but in the last week while they've been doing odd gigs Franke Cocozza has been tagging along so if you see me on the front of the paper you'll know why!!! haha
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  1. Something I realised about london, is once you get there it seems scary, but , everywhere is surprisingly close to each other and the people at the stations are always willing to point me in the right direction. And you look super pretty in your monday mugshot. xx

  2. love the bangs and the lipstick!


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