The Fashion Show - Bomber Jacket and J.W Anderson.

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Top and Skirt: Made by Me. Shoes: Topshop
Jacket: Made by Me. Skirt: Collectif.

This is the first of a number of posts about my foundation degree first year fashion show! Yes it's true I made it through first year, not exactly with flying colours as I've certainly had a few bumps along the way but ultimately grown as a fashion design student with great thanks to the great team my college/uni has (Huge thanks to them for letting me do plus size fashion and for helping me so much with all the challenges that come along with creating plus size garments)

These are all made to fit my own body which is roughly a UK size 20. Both pieces could fit a number of sizes though due to style and cut of the garments. I had a mini collection and these two pieces in the show which meant I needed two models, luckily I was able to model myself and I sweet talked my dear friend Elly into modelling alongside me. Though next year I could need up to six and I won't be able to model myself... eeek! These pieces were made for two separate briefs one of which you can see I did a photoshoot for here. 

I hope you enjoy the little snippets of my degree as I plan to have regular posts up in the future on projects and research I'm doing! 

So just remember to smile and turn the world around!


As an avid lipstick wearer I do always worry about how my teeth look against it, I mean I know they aren't perfectly straight and in the past I've certainly taken them for granted as well as being so clumsy which never  great it comes to soft and somewhat sensitive teeth. I was sent this set of Blanx - White Shock goodies a couple of weeks back and I wanted to give it a proper test before I popped it up on here as a review. I'm no expert when it comes to the ins and outs of looking after my teeth in fact it's taken me far to long to pluck up the courage to floss as the sensation of it is like finger nails on a chalk board to me!

I have often found in the past that anything that aids whitening teeth has always been awfully strong to which my eyes could be watering while I'm trying to brush, this also applies to mouth wash but I was really surprised to find these products not to have this case. My teeth and mouth felt squeaky clean without a funny after taste or it being so strong I look like I've rubbed onion under my eyes! I'm sure you've also noticed the rather futuristic lid on the toothpaste which is an LED light the Blanx website says "The LED light works as a booster to the Actilux® in the BlanX White Shock formula, activating the formula as it passed through the tube. You can also use the light on the end of the toothpaste tube to boost the formula whist on your teeth by holding the light in front of your mouth for 1 minute everyday." Now as snazzy as it looks I thought it was going to be rather gimmicky and not actually do much use but from following the instructions I'm sure it's made my teeth be much bright all in the matter of a week or so! The Gel pen is also something I wouldn't be sure about as it only recommends to use this a few times a week I haven't had chance to see a massive difference with this but it is a pleasure to apply thanks to the thoughtful design! 

I'm going to keep going with these products and use the handy Blanxometro which came with it so I see how much the colouring of my teeth can be improved!

My Mum has iincredible sensitive teeth and she's even started using it and she's not felt irritated at all. So if you'd love clearer teeth but are worried due to the sensitivityely I'd certainly still give it a try! 

Sunny Days, That Left My Skin Dark Red.


Tee and flats: Evans. Skirt: Handmade Thrifted. Bag: Thrifted.

It's been 9 WHOLE DAYS since my last post and for this I do apologise in these days I've had my first year fashion show for which I became a "pro model" for a few days. Then the prep and tidying after along with popping into college to actually make clothes for fun for myself, which you've probably seen on Instagram if you follow me there, I've been a rather busy bee so instead of going on and on I thought I'd leave you with as limited amount of words I can! And obviously I couldn't resist a little old school Ed Sheeran for my title!

I've picked these vintage pieces I thrifted (y'all know it's a snazzier word for charity shopped) over the space of a few years, this bag being an all time favourite, the label inside stating empire made. The skirt which in fairness is slightly too big but nothing a fresh bit of elastic won't fix isn't really my normal style however the patterns and fabric we're just to much to pass up. teamed with basics and a statement lip to bring out the colour in the prints and I'm good to go!

What are you favourite pieces you've picked up while scouring the charity shops and thrifting?


Look Magazine for Simply Be.


Bomber Jacket c/o: Simply Be. Skirt and Sandals: M&Co. Sunglasses c/o: Specspost.

I'm assuming y'all seen the Look Magazine collection for Simply Be as the majority of it is FABULOUS! I attended an extremely swanky dinner (I'm still surprised they let me in the place!) for the launch which I did take some snaps at but due to the mood lighting none of them came out properly otherwise I would have blogged about it! At this we were offered a piece of the collection as a thank you, so I decided to go for the lovely bomber jacket as it's something I wouldn't usually go for but would lust over from afar! I've decided I need to up my jacket game and this bomber is the start! 

Again I'm stood in front of my dads greenhouse, I still haven't found my new favourite place to take photos in our garden. So this will have to do for now! I decided to style this with one of my loves... STRIPES! I can always find space in my wardrobe for a pretty striped number and this skirt is the newest edition. I actually sized up in this skirt and I'm really glad I did as I'd say it's a small fit, it clings on my tummy a little more than I'd like it to but I'm now no longer worrying about smaller things like this and I'm hoping I'll get lots of wear out of this over the coming summer months. Yet again I'm wearing my ultimate sunglasses from Specspost which automatically make me feel fierce, you'll be seeing these in outfits posts for a long time to come! I finished the look with a slick of rich pink toned lipstick as I may need to branch out from my beloved red, also apologies about my hair it's in serious need of being cut but I keep avoiding the hairdressers like the plague! 

Have you tried anything from the Look Magazine for Simply Be collection?


Currently Coveting.

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Skirt: Asos.


In usual style this utter beauty in now sold out in all sizes and I haven't found it anywhere on Ebay as of yet.
This is the perfect skirt for me for summer and for a party I'm having to go to but have to be a car passenger for hours first! Cool, comfortable and I can match my lipstick to my lipstick printed skirt GENIUS! 

So basically I'm heartbroken I've missed out on this skirt and got so excited when I saw it in the Asos Mag that I ran around the house packing something I'd just received to send back so I could get this then BOOM it was sold out!!! So basically if any of you spot this ANYWHERE let me know as my heart won't be happy until this beauty is in my possession and on my person!

Chunky Yet Funky.


Dress: c/o Marisota. Oversized Clutch: Simply Be. Sunnies: Forever 21. Necklace: Black Heart Creatives.
Leggings: Matalan. Flats: Evans.

I know I don't like hot weather but I'm surprisingly missing the sunshine it makes my photos just a little bit more joyful alas I seemed to have chronic bitch face in the majority of photos I snapped of this outfit, so apologies. Also my Dads decided that we now have a greenhouse so I'm having to experiment with where I can take my photographs for the time being!

I've already worn this lots so I thought it was about time I posted about it! I tried this swing dress on at the Maristoa Pop up Shop and knew I would one day own it and luckily I now do! It's perfect for dressing up or down and I love picking out the colours of the birds with accessories, which as you can see I've done here with this fabulous over sized clutch (which I rarely use, tut tut!) and my insanely amazing custom made necklace by Black Heart Creatives!

Black Heart Creatives have been so lovely by offering you lovely readers 25% off with  the code - rose25 WHICH IS ONLY VALID UNTIL TOMORROW (TUESDAY 3RD JUNE) grab that fabulous piece you've been dreaming over while you can!
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