Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry.

This hat or work of art is inspired by the film "red shoes"
which is one of my favourite old fashioned films.

The piece which is first in the row of four is based on the style
of an old fashioned perfume bottle, complete with air puffer.

A selection of red styled hats, these were situated with the red
shoes piece. Projected on the back ground was clips from the film. I really love this "painter's hat" as well as the paint splattered
piece right underneath it. In the background you can just see the Vivienne
Westwood garment and accessories.
This dress is even more breath taking in person, with
the layers of fabric pleating. The hat is in the style of an
Edwardian fan which is open.
There was so many hats styled with there designer
garments they were made to go with.

Florist inspired hats, just like flowers winding
up a terrace in a English country garden.

This has to be one of my favourite hats in the collection
which was in the exhibition. I think its the detail which has
gone into the piece from the flowers to the pagoda.
I think this was Vivienne Westwood but please correct
me if i am wrong.

Stephen Jones styling a hat onto Anna Piaggi's head himself.

YESSS, he has even created pac-man hats!

The black and white collection of hats.

A random selection of the hats I viewed. Another of my personal
favourites is the bow headpiece that you can just see.

Sorry that this is such a picture heavy post! But there was actually a lot more photo's from this exhibition at the MoMu, that just the few I've posted up for you to have a little look-see, and yes this is another blog post related to my trip to Antwerp but really i just saw so much! I promise there's only maybe two or three posts left for me to write about Antwerp but I'm trying to spread them out so I don't bore you to death, haha. While I'm writing I'd look like to say i drew a few of of head pieces in the collection while i was there and i feel my drawing improved a fair bit since this time last year so I'm pretty happy over that, maybe now I've found my own style of drawing or something? Who knows.
Anyway I want to start off with a quote with was on the wall at the start of the exhibition...
"A hat can be a veil or an alibi, a head turner or a friend. It can give clues or like this forward, serve as the into to all the wonder that lies within." I don't know what it is about this quote but i just think it is beautifully written. The full title of the exhibition I went to is "Stephen Jones and The Accent of Fashion." It guides you through the unique and inspiring world of a hat maker who has worked with a number of great names from the international fashion scene for over three decades. Stephen Jones's hats bring there own punctuation to the silhouette much like question marks in a written piece. Stephen Jones plays a behind the scenes character in the fashion community because of the amount of freedom he is given by any of the designers he works with.
the Stephen Jones exhibition also looks at his early years in London when he was involved with not only fashion but photography, film and maybe the most important music. Stephen was one of the "in" crowd at the Ritz night club in the early eighties. For those who don't know what this was Boy George was also hugely involved with the club as was Steve Strange. This scene that pro-created within the clubs grimy walls was the "new romantics" and Stephen Jones threw himself into this new scene with both hands. At this time Steve made hats for himself and the new romantic crowd one being Boy George and thanks to that man Stephen was "found" and eventually became who he is today. If you watch the culture clubs "Do you really want to hurt me?" you might be able to glance a young Steve Jones in the back ground and its thanks to this video and people wearing his hats in the scene that we now know who he is.
So which is your favourite Stephen Jones hat or head piece? And it doesn't have to be one on this post.

Chelsea Boots and Boxy Bag.


Gosh that bottom photo would of been quite nice if I hadn't pulled that odd looking expression, ho hum. Anyway this is just a little post to show you my lovely new Chelsea boots courtesy of Style 369, I won the boots through a competition on twitter and now they have become a winter staple straight away. These boots are in a size 5 with triple E fitting on the width, they fit really well and perfect to go with floral dresses as well as leggings or a multiple of my skirts. On the side of the boots there is a zip situated, there is also and elastic section on the opposite side of the boot but I personally think this piece is on the shoes for purely aesthetic purposes. The Chelsea shoes are also made out of leather which was just perfect for my trip to Antwerp in the near Arctic conditions, haha.
Right now on to what I wore with my wonderful boots on this occasion. These tights are some of the comfiest I own though they are a little long for my short stubby legs, haha. The tights in question are from peacocks and considering the awfully cold and a little bit snowy weather they are perfect! Next on my list is my short sleeved polo shirt type top, which is from the men's selection of clothing from pop boutique in Manchester. The store itself is situated in the northern quarter they also have a store in Liverpool, my lovely brother actually bought me this top when I went into Manchester with him a year or so ago. My skirt is from Dorothy Perkins and was roughly under three pounds in the sale utter bargain I know, it's actually perfect I really love this style of skirts at the moment (which you can probably tell, haha). The fabric is a denim style and the back is elasticated and it's just so comfortable but it also looks quite smart. Right the cardigan here was a very speedy buy, I needed a new one with long sleeves for my trip and I had popped into Matalan for a proper pair of pj's and spotted this and it fits well and is warm and with its cropped style is sits perfectly with all my dresses, which is great for this time of year.
And finally I can tell you about the beautiful boxy styled bag! As a small group while on my trip we went to some second hand designer stores (so out of my price league) but down a little street there was this little shop bursting at the brim with bags, I joke not! And this little piece of a vintage beauty was sitting in the window and I knew I had to have it. After my lovely friend bullied me into buying it (which I'm very glad she did) I think I will be keeping this bag for quite a while I'm thinking I might use it as a sewing box too. At fifteen euros I feel it wasn't cheap but this is the girl typing who tends to get the majority of her bags from charity shops! Finally the whole look was brought together with my wonderful Chelsea boots, which remind me of my little ankle horse riding boots from when I was about three which I loved!

Precious kisses words that burn me.


Afternoon. I apologise for the lack of posts this week, I've been away with my college on a trip to Antwerp ( I'm guessing right now a few of you may be looking puzzled because you have no clue where Antwerp is, don't worry I didn't really either) in Belgium. There will be lots of posts up in the coming weeks from my trip because somehow I managed to take about 215 photographs in 3 days. And right now I really want to admit something.... I am desperate to go Antwerp again but maybe on my own or drag a family member with me I just feel like i want to explore the place so much more! It may just be one city but there is such a hive of activity within its walls (not that it has walls, it's a figure of speech).

Now finally on to one of the outfits which i wore during my trip to Antwerp. This is what i put on for my first day and it being November it was bloody freezing! So the thick knitted tights were stuck on as well as my vintage scarf (which half way through the day ended up wrapped around my head "apparently" we had brought the English weather with us...) long sleeved striped top which came in handy because it almost like a dress so it kept the top of my legs warmer too. The cardigan and coat were a necessity a lot of my outfits were hidden by my coat during the trip just because it was always really chilly. Then finally i had to carry a sketchbook around and colours and pencils so a practical bag was a good thing!
On my trip me and my friends were informed about a shop where everything inside was 2 euros be it a bag, scarf or even leather jacket! So i bought 2 shirts (one is seriously AMAZING) and a grandad jumper. I could of bought SOOO much in the shop but i had to resist because i virtually had to sit on my suitcase to close it anyway! I also bought a gorgeous little box bag from a second hand bag shop which was like Aladdin's cave, you will be seeing that shortly in another post.
I hope you've all had a lovely week. Any of your lovely people found any bargains lately?

When the rain is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case.


When the evening shadows and the stars appear and there is no one there to dry your tears. I could hold you for a million years, to make you feel my love.

Adele's cover of "to make you feel my love" which was originally by Bob Dylan is so beautiful. For once there has been some surprisingly good cover songs out instead of the general cheesy and just awful ones (take note A1 unfortunately I will always remember your awful cover of "take on me" you should never murder a classic.) You can feel the power behind the song when Adele's voice portrays the lyrics. She has the most amazing voice I wish I could sing like her, well sing at all really.

There is one thing I utterly admire about Adele she hasn't bowed to the pressure of some aspects of the music industry, she's her own person warts and all. (oh and I don't actually mean she has warts!) I mean she knows that nobody's perfect and she just going to be herself. Now lets talk about her AMAZING style, yes I said it I'm sure not everybody will agree with me but I would love to own some of Adele's clothes they just seem very me... I hope that makes sense? I also would like to state that I don't think I've really ever seen her in heels other than for the odd special occasion she's a girl after my own heart.

I also really admire how she wears her face and hair I have now got a full fringe and I'm just waiting for my hair to grow because Adele's is beautiful, and her make up is what I mean by "face" you can yell she wears it but it is not overpowering her features. Anyway if Adele ever needs or would like a new stylist someone tell her to give me a call? thanks.

Sometimes we don't know what we're waiting for,that's the time to be the first one on the dance floor.


A little boy me went fishing in a wooden boat, sitting there for hours in the cold. Patience is a virtue til we die, then a ripple in the water caught my eye. Sometimes we don't know what we're waiting for, that's the time to be the first one on the dance floor. We go from green to blue to go to black breathe deep, who knows how long will this last.

Yess finally i got round to doing another outfit post, for the past week or so I've been wearing nothing that was worth photographing really just leggings and cardigans, haha. So today i thought I'd try and wear something just as warm but maybe a little more interesting. Since my last outfit post I have had my haircut, so no longer do i have a fringe sweeping across my eyes. I wanted a change so asked my hairdresser to cut my fringe straight across, though i don't think you can really tell much difference. Anyway it feels much better, at least i don't feel like cousin it from the Adam's family anymore.

So on to what i am wearing, Firstly the black bow was from primark a year or so ago and I really love it today I've done nothing with my hair but dry it and the bow just makes it look more done. The scarf I also wore in my last post, I would of worn a different one but this was the first one I found and the scarf was given to me by my mum when I was about ten, well I saw given I think I found it in her draw and she let me keep it. My long sleeved top you can see me wearing is a wardrobe basic from Dorothy Perkins, I own quite a lot of Dorothy Perkins stuff to be honest but only because there's a shop in my town, haha. While were on the line of Dorothy Perkins the denim shorts I'm wearing are also from there. I have only started wearing shorts since September I used to think no big girl should wear them but now I really don't care what other people think because I dress for my self not anyone else.

My tights are kind of thick woolly ones from peacocks I have these in black grey and a lovely deep red colour I love them! The shoes are from Evans I bought well over a year ago and I rarely wear them primarily due to the fact there only a E fitting and I'm a triple E fitting but there really lovely and I'm slowly but surely wearing them in. This cream jumper I bought from primark during the summer I really love it's vintage style but I never really know how to wear it, the jumper is one of those things that you put on and for one reason or another it just doesn't look right. I think it might work with these shorts and maybe a skirt or something. And finally onto the accessories the necklace watch is from urban outfitters and I purchased it during the sale in the summer for £15 reduced from £28 while I'm here I'll just state I would NEVER buy this at its full price and £15 pound is still pretty steep but I was looking EVERYWHERE for one and every time I saw one it wasn't right but this one was. The bag was found in a charity shop a couple of years ago for about £1.50... Is it obvious i like a good bargain?

Or a girl who makes potions in a travelling show.


This is Ellie Goulding hauntingly beautiful cover of Elton Johns classic Your Song. This is just one of those songs that evokes so many emotions with in each and every person who listens to it. I have to admit i thought that the only descent cover of this was in Moulin Rouge but now I think this amazing take is actually much better, I have a inkling it's Ellie's voice that makes it so personal, like it's her own personal story and she's just telling it to you and no one else. I first heard this song on radio 1 on Fearne Cottons show and i froze in my tracks, i stopped everything i was doing and just sat there in with no distractions listening contently, to tell you the honest truth i was in total awe of the tones in Ellie's voice. I find her ghostly echo pretty amazing and put it to the right track (nothing for the more popesque market) her voice sounds delicate and inspiring.

I have to admit i used to sing a little and be my own person, my own voice I never tried to be someone else or any other singer, but i got knocked down a few to many times and now i find it incredibly hard to sing in front of anybody. This is why i love Ellie Goulding as well I mean does she honestly sound like any other singer at the moment? As far as i know she wasn't labelled "the new whoever" which in the music industry today happens a lot. I feel this song brings hope to my heart and soul. Yes i realise how corny that sounds but its the true and what are blogs for if not sometimes airing the truth, however stupid or embarrassing it sounds. Anyway back to the song itself it is now on the Christmas advert for John Lewis and we all know how beautifully done there past few adverts have been and how huge the songs on them have become.

this song is the kind that leaves you with goosebumps, which is a extremely good thing.


A rose is blue and violets red, say it isn't true don't tell me romance is dead.


The plastic flowers you gave, sit on the table so unstable and there's some greasy fingerprints on that pre-wrote birthday car you wrote your name in, and i know that you make your effort but i think you could do much better. A rose is blue and violets red say it isn't true don't tell me romance is dead, so wake up you sleepy head all your dreams are just a kiss away. I ask you for a letter so you emailed,have we failed? oh you kiss with such a potential then ask to speed up its not enough, now I'm carrying my own bags up 17 flights of stairs love...
These photos are a mixture of ones I took and professional ones, though I'm sure you can tell which ones are which haha. All of these absolutely wonderful Paloma Faith photo's were taken on the 31st of October, which is when me and my dear friend Finn saw the beautiful woman herself. Paloma Faith's costumes on stage were AMAZING unfortunately I have no idea who had designed them but once I find out I will most definitely tell you all! When she appeared on stage she had a floor length feather skirted dress on and a really unique almost helmet styled headpiece which was covered in fur, I think. Then half way through the set she changed into a tight fitting black dress with large one shouldered leather looked puff sleeve, with yet another pair of animal like ears! Utterly fabulous, though this pair did not stay on Paloma's poor head for long I think she'd had enough when she was jumping around.
There is so much I could say about this concert but I won't poor you with me rambling! But I will say this is one of the best ones I've ever been to, It was just amazing and meeting her afterwards was the cherry on top of the already decorated cake!

The fashion industry ignores fat bodies?


Hello! I’m Natalie from and I’m an Australian artist and designer. Welcome to my weekly guest post for Dangerously Luxe where I redraw runway looks on non-typical bodies. I have lots of opinions on how the fashion industry ignores fat bodies and a lot of my art is centred around having a fat female body as well as the conditioning that comes along with it.

my very first post I was browsing through’s spring 2011 round up and particularly liked these looks going down the catwalk. The Badgley Mischka skirt/ short is adorable (ok, I honestly couldn't’t figure out what it was and went with skirt in the end) and looks a lot like something Gabi would wear. Being quite attracted to bold graphics, sheer fabrics and embroidery the 3.1 Phillip Lim dress was actually my favourite, and I think it’d look incredible on me. Hey Phillip Lim, wanna make me one?

I found this post on and just thought the illustrations were really cool and original and its exactly what i always think and something i feel very strongly about. I do often wish that my drawings were half as good as these!

This was just a little post because the original post really jumped out of the page and spoke to me.

I'm really ill and all full of cold and flu at the moment but i am slowly on the mend. I'll be back to my annoyingly perky self in no time, sneezing a awful lot at this current period.


She hates the sun 'cause it proves she's not alone.


And the world doesn't revolve around her soul, no she loves the sky 'cause it validates her

pride, never lets her know when she is wrong.

Finally another outfit post sorry its been a week but the things i often wear for college really aren't worth posting up, ha ha. Though i think i would probably wear this outfit for college but with a cardigan under the jacket because it can get pretty nippy in that big old building which i secretly love. I took these photographs on Thursday and to tell you guys the truth i wasn't feeling very well at all so as soon as i did these i swapped into a baggy top and cardigan and tried to fix my computer, write essays and personal statements all really enjoyable tasks..... I also found out on Thursday that my grandad was rushed to the doctor's due to a really swollen face and hes still sounding really rough about it all, hopefully he'll be back to his dandy self in no time...
Anyway here's what I'm wearing The jacket was original for BHS but i thrifted it from a charity shop at Easter for about 5 pounds and i wear this EVERYWHERE it can look casual or smart its comfy and can keep the chill out it even came with it's spare buttons! Though normally i stick to black coats and blazers I'm slowly filtering into the more navy end of the market. The top i am wearing is relatively new from Dorothy Perkins sale and is ever so comfy its a loose fitting style with a very relaxed shape, I think it would be perfect for hotter days but at the moment i layer it with a long t-shirt underneath. I have no idea where the scarf is from i found in my mum's sock draw when i was about 10 and I've finally started to wear it now, the piece itself has really lovely detailed colours printed onto it and the scarf is also a very rich and deep colour. My bag is originally from Cl arks but i also picked this up at one of the many charity shops i go searching around, whenever i use this bag i think somewhere there's a woman with matching shoes looking for the perfect bag while I'm looking for the perfect shoes. i just wore Evans leggings on the bottom and i have to admit these leggings are my wardrobe staple I don't know that I'd do without them sometimes.
I really love experimenting with lipsticks and I'm more than happy to walk around my house in a rainbow's array of colours, but as soon as i step out i feel really of coneious that people could possibly be giggling because its on my teeth... This lippie was really cheap from superdrug but works surprisingly well, i used some clear powder over it to mattify the look and i have to say i might get the balls to do this in public in the future too.
So tomorrow I'm off for a spot of fabric shopping then bonfire, do any of you wonderful people have any plans for the bonfire weekend?


See you with a broken string, tell me what you really mean, do you know what you want?


See you with a broken string, tell me what you really mean, do you know what you want? While beating up on yesterday, I was on my Rollerblades, rolling on moving on.
On Sunday October 31s which was Halloween. I saw the ever quirky and adorable Eliza Doolittle when she supported Paloma faith and i must say she was really good. Before I went I knew who Eliza was and I'd heard a couple of her songs but now I am definitely going to buy the album I loved every sing song the beauty sang! These photographs were taken at the gig itself, I keep on seeing pictures coming up in my searches and its just so cool to think "yeah, I was there". Anyway the more full views of the whole band and Eliza were taken by me with my basic digital camera on zoom and the full detailed images where you can see her costume were taken by a professional photographer for gigwise.
As it was Halloween Eliza did dress up as a kind of zombie/dead wife and her band were all beautifully dressed as her "ex husbands" it was truly very well done. I also met Eliza after the show and she signed my ticket and had a photo with me, which was so lovely because I know from experience that not all bands or singers will meet the fans. Though in the excitement I forgot to ask the questions I had actually been thinking off. One being where was her dress from? or was it vintage as I thought or inspired by it and made by a label?
So I decided I'd tweet Eliza and ask but what are the honest chances of a singer with 22 thousand follows plus replying, well low and behold she did saying it was borrowed of a friend of hers and to definitely ask her! well I thought it was really nice of her to reply to my question. I am yet to sent a tweet to her friend but my twitters not working but once it is I most totally am going to!
have any of you lovely readers been to any good gigs recently or have you got any planned, I'd love to know.
EDIT... Eliza's lovely friend she borrowed the dress off tweeted me back and i was right it was vintage.

Me and My Cellulite...


This video was taken by a rather wonderful person in the crowd, who also has a wonderful camera as this video is actually very well done. Me and My Cellulite is one of Paloma faith's new songs from her second album (which she hasn't even finished yet, she just wanted to test some of the songs out on us first before she put them on the album) and i have to say that i flipping love this song! It may have to become my own personal theme tune.

I also thing that personally Paloma is showing a healthy and normal view for women today instead of the generic outputs female artists portray. In fact i may love Paloma more than i love Beth Ditto, so this is a big deal. Right now i am sitting at my desk listening to "my legs are week" and just thinking how can anyone not love her powerful, unique and inspirational voice and lyrics.

I will get some of the photo's i took up as soon as possible as well as the shots the professionals took so you can see HOW AMAZING her costumes were! I'm still gutted that when i met her (yes you heard right, i did!) i forgot to ask her who designed them, instead i just babbled something about blogging, ooh the embarrassment. Anyway i should get some work done...

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