A lovely tea party with Fashion World and Claire Richards.


 Nancy, myself and the lovely Katie and Hollie 

While I was in London almost two weeks ago (HOW depressing is it that it's that long ago now?!) I got the chance to attend some wonderful events and this was my second one. I met up with the utterly fabulous Nancy of Sugar, Darling? and we made our way over to the utterly lovely Haymarket Hotel, which took us longer to find than it should have, I blame google maps! Once we entered through the door we were offered cocktails in a teacup but as I don't drink anymore I really went out and had a glass of water. Next up we ventured into the kitchen and had the option of getting our nails done, naturally any excuse for a bit of a pamper I had mine done the most lovely lilac colour by Essie.

After this we popped on upstairs, yes upstairs is what I said I'll just mention this now that they had it set out like an adorable little home with floral accents and sweet treats galore (basically my dream home) to find a good spot ready for Claire to talk her latest collection with Hilary Alexander, naturally the fashion student in me was very excited about this and I'm happy to report that both ladies were an absolute delight and Claire is honestly in my top five of nice celebrities I've met.

It was fantastic to hear Claire discuss the collection and she is genuinely very involved as I know some celebrities will just front something but Claire goes to very meeting, fit sessions and has a hand in what designs she wants to go for. A number of pieces were inspired by some of her vintage collection and don't worry there isn't a hipster jean from her Steps days in sight! All the pieces look wonderful and you can see the detail and thought process that has gone into each piece, I'd find it impossible to choose a favourite item but I would love to try out the high waisted jeans as I find it impossible to find jeans that look even remotely nice on me! Once the official talk was other Claire popped around talking to everyone but then ended up chatting to us bloggers for about half an hour! It is clear to see that Claire has really thought about how much of a key part comfort is when it comes to plus size clothes but she hasn't compromised on style. Basically she's an utter babe and I now love her a little bit.

The pieces are available in sizes 12 to 32 and you can see and buy Claire's Collection for Fashion World here!


The Silidyn Challenge.

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Silidyn costs £19.95 for 8-10 weeks supply. 

The lovely team over at Silidyn popped me an email over way back when in December asking if I'd like to test out a bottle for myself. Now normally this is something I wouldn't really do but since my diet has had to change quite drastically in the last 6 months or so my body and visible health has taken quite a hit in coming out in the form of really bad skin and my hair not being quite as glossy as it naturally used to be. I threw caution to the wind and thought I'd give this as go. Don't worry I did look into it all before just accepting the supplement. 

So what is exactly is Silidyn Rejuvenate? It's a specially designed supplement to provide nutrients that are important for supporting inner health and outer beauty. Silidyn contains Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA), MSM, Manganese, Zinc, Boron, OPC and Selenium these Vitamins and nutrients provide support for:
  • The maintenance of strong bones
  • Healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Connective tissue
  • Immune system
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Cell regeneration
Now as I've only been giving this a go for the last month or so I can't say it's magical and my skin has completely changed but I have noticed that it's been a beneficial factor in making it better. of course I have very teenage skin and suffer from break outs and very dehydrated skin they haven't stopped appearing but they do heal and clear up much better now and as I haven't changed my skincare routine I'm sure it's Silidyn helping! All you do take the daily dose (10 drops) in water and your away. I did find that when I first used it that the colour of the product worried me a little as it had an almost copper tone but once it's dispersed in the water it's not really visible. I am going to continue using this until it runs out and I'd quite like to see if my skin gets worse once I stop taking it. You can read more about Silidyn Rejuvenate and get some for yourself here.

Do you have any Vitamins and supplements you take to keep your body and skin healthy? I'd love to know your tips! 

Its just a case of tragic magic, when you can't remember feeling fantastic.


Top: c/o Yours Clothing. Jacket: c/o Yours Clothing. Necklace: Blackheart Creatives. Bra: Matalan.

The lovely guys over at Yours Clothing offered me the chance to choose a few pieces from the website to wear for Uni. I choose this fab top and jacket and some lovely jeggings and another top which you will see in futre post! As I now live at home while studying for my degree I don't really have freshers style nights out now but I did actually see The View (Which my post title comes from) at my friends Uni's SU in this top so it has technically speaking been on a uni night out! Here's a snap of us below (taken on my rubbish camera!) 

I LOVE this top the burnt out rose print is so pretty and most importantly it's cool and comfortable, I also liked that it's actually long enough to wear with leggings and due to the very dipped hem at the back there's no fear of flashing your bum! The sleeves are also loose enough that I don't feel the need to cover my arms up with more layers. I like that I also feel brave enough to just wear a bra under it with the colour peeping through though for the night out I popped a vest under because I didn't fancy dealing with 100s of drunk uni lads being idiots. I'm wearing a UK size 20 and it fits wonderfully, the jacket is also a 20 and I can zip it up even when I've got lots of layers on so that's always a bonus, If you wanted a more fitted style you could size down. I finished the look with my usual red lips and my utterly amazing Fat Bitch necklace from Blackheart Creatives which always gets lots of comments and it's one of my all time favourite pieces of jewellery.

What do you think of my student styled night out outfit?

Cut For Evans.


 A lovely photo from the lovely Lauren at Pocket Rocket Fashion. 
The ladies being Caroline, Deb, Isha, Hanna, Charlotte, Rivkie.

Last week I was lucky enough to be in London for a few days and be invited to a number of rather fabulous events the first being the launch of Cut for Evans in association with Now Magazine. I met Rivkie the fabulous editor of Slink Magazine just before the event so thankfully I didn't have to arrive alone, I did however go and hide in Next to try and make myself remotely presentable after being drowned in the rain luckily Evans had hair, make up and lovely nail painting happening so thankfully I got my hair spruced up!

Evans have ran a competition with fashion students from a number of universities who are famed for there knitwear and print specialities to design a capsule collection they chose one winner for each catagory these being the lovely Alice Farrow for print and Rebecca Partington for knitwear. I adore the outcome as a fashion design student things like this really get me excited for creating my own plus size garments and playing with print and colour is something that lets be honest is quite rare when it comes to plus size fashion. A number of girls were wearing items from the collection throughout the store and they all looked amazing!I'm totally regretting not picking up any while I was at the launch!

All the pieces are of course very visual and not for the faint hearted but from what I've seen of all the ladies wearing the pieces everyone seems to look amazing in the garments! It was also so lovely to see so many of my blogger friends under one roof, which doesn't happen very often for me anymore as I can't visit London quite as often as I used to. It was also utterly fabulous meeting some ladies I've spoken to online for the first time in person, even though we all follow each other on twitter so you basically feel like to know everything about each other anyway! I can't wait to see what else Evans have up there sleeves for the rest of 2014 and I hope they keep coining for talent such as this to show that plus size fashion can more often than not be VERY exciting! 

Perfect Perfume.


Top: Marc Jacobs Dot. Below: YSL Parisienne. Left: Vivienne Westwood - Let It Rock.

Up until the last maybe 18 months I wasn't one fussed over perfume at all, the classy teenager I was I used Charlie body sprays and that would do. Now don't get me wrong I'm still a huge fan of these said sprays but now I'm matured into a young lady (yeah right...) I've been known to dabble into the vast array of scents and styles on the market. I'm always a sucker for a cute bottle and packaging regardless of what the actual contents inside smells like. In my opinion up until now the less floral the better, I generally much prefer a more fresh scent like lemongrass(?) than something that resembles a florists though there are always exceptions to the rule.

Now why have I chosen these three fabulous bottles above you may all think just because they appealing to the eye and of course on one part you'd be right! In the past I've received some samples of the YSL Parisienne and though it may not be something I could wear every day it's something I utterly loved when I first tried it and of course made me feel quite the grown up, long gone were the days of impulse and charlie!
I've adored every single advert for Vivienne Westwood perfumes and this was no exception! I'd love to try this after having Naughty Alice forever etched into my brain and nostrils for what seems like forever. And lastly Marc Jacobs Dot something I've been besotted with every since I first laid my eyes on it, I've loved everything Marc has ever done and this is the cherry on top, the bottle would look utterly stunning one your dressing table, it's virtually a piece of art! Lucky for you I've scoped these out of  a great range of affordable perfume at TJ Hughes!

Marisota SS14 Style Challenge.


Biker Jacket: c/o Marisota. Jeans: Matalan. Top: Asos Curve. Socks: Urban Outfitters. Shoes: New Look. Necklace: Topshop. Glasses: Jeepers Peepers.

The lovely guys at Marisota gave me the chance to style up an item from there upcoming SS2014 pieces and I was lucky enough to be sent this beautiful Boucle Biker Jacket from the Ava by Mark Heyes collection. It's something I wouldn't usually go for as it's such a pale colour and for someone as accident prone as me it's something I tend to shy away from. I can't get over how grown up I actually feel in this get up, of course I've still got my creative focal points to stop me feeling overly mature with my polka dot socks, pointed flats, quirky frames and heart necklace but I felt very professional in this like I could take over the world? I received this in a size 20 and it fits a dream, it doesn't zip up on me but as I don't wear any jackets done up this isn't a problem for me. It even fits well with a jumper under neath, so perfect for layering!

I decided to style this with jeans to keep it on the more casual side another item I tend to avoid due to the fact they never seem to fit me nicely and I end up with my tummy getting cut in two with the waistband or just a very baggy bum! For the time being these basic straight leg jeans from Matalan ( a bargain at a £10) shall suffice. The top is a very recent purchase for my upcoming trip to London for a few days with uni as it's comfortable, doesn't crease easily and I love the mesh piece at the top, I actually sized up to a 22 in this thinking it would be loose but as you can see it's not so I'd certainly suggest going up a dress size. I finished the look with my latest piece of bling that fabulous heart cut out necklace and a slick of my trade mark coloured lips!

Apologies if my photographs are a little off, I've recently upgraded to a snazzier camera and I'm still getting used to the setting and no I haven't bothered reading the instructions....

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