Lady in Red - RI Plus.


Dress: c/o River Island. Belt (worn as hairband) c/o Boohoo. Clutch Bag (old) Next. Shoes: Bought on Holiday.

Seeing as Party Season is slowly creeping upon us I thought now would be a good time to share this beautiful red dress with you all. Even though I took these photos when it wasn't quite so chilly! This is the kind of dress that I'd lust over in a shop and on other people but never dare to think I could carry off myself so when River Island gave me the opportunity on the Curve Fashion Festival bloggers day to choose something I KNEW I had to go with this little number! 

I sized up to a UK22 so it wouldn't cling as much as I'm still yet to find the perfect shape wear for me but this does look absolutely killer clinging to a girls curves just at the time I was having bit of a confidence wobble (still am tbh) so I wasn't feeling brave enough to size down! I'm really hoping I get invited to some fabulous festive party or something so I can show this off as it is the perfect party dress! I decided to style it up with sparkly accessories and some seriously glam make up! The belt worn in my hair I picked up at the bloggers day as well from Boohoo, it also looks really cute on the waist as it's intended use but I couldn't resist popping it in my hair to jazz up my tighter curled vintage inspired hair!

I know my posts have been extremely sporadic over the last several months but I'm trying to keep posting as I love it so much! I'm currently in the middle of costumes for a show and I just finished on another as wig dresser so lets just say my life is rather up in the air at the moment! 

Viva `Voluptuous.


Tankini: C/O Viva Voluptuous. Kimono: Yours (old). Sunglasses: Specspost. Hair flower: Pin Up Curl. Sandals: Simply Be (old).

I'm back with my first swimwear post of the year! Usually I've had quite a number by now but due to my hiatus unfortunately this could be the only one but what beautiful pieces to show you! I was lucky enough to be sent this Tankini from Viva Voluptuous, I normally prefer a bikini or full suit but I actually really love this.  I am wearing the bottoms in a UK20 and they fit well without digging in or riding up, something I particularly like about Viva is that the Tankini and Bikini cups come in cup sizes and for plus size women that is often need a little support up top! I'm wearing the 38DD here and they are quite generous and I fit in well without spillage and as they are not padded cups I was concerned about the cups wrinkling as my chest isn't full at the top but that wasn't an issue at all. Another concern I had that I shouldn't have worried about was whether the Tankini part over my stomach would be tight as my tummy is larger than my back but it fitted well without clinging to any areas I'd rather it didn't. Viva Voluptuous currently have a sale on the swimwear so I'd grab a fabulous bargain while you can! 

I decided to style this up in my go to retro style and my hair flower from Pin Up Curl couldn't have matched any better. I decided to change from my usual red lip for a fun candy pink which I think I'll have to pull out more as it's nice for a change! Overall I'm so impressed with Viva Voluptuous and I definitely have my eye on a few pieces of there lingerie for myself. 


Lindy Bop Love.


Delta Swan Border Swing Dress: c/o Lindy Bop. Belt: Vintage. Bolero: Asda. Hair Flower: Pin Up Curl. Shoes: Shop in Southwold (unfortunately now closed down!) Glasses: Red or Dead from Specsavers. Bag: Accessorize.

I'm back! I know it is quite a shock I've been planning on getting my blog back to how it used to be for awhile but unfortunately 2016 has been shit for me and my Mental Health hasn't let me feel like I could in all honesty. 

But what is better for a comeback than this BEAUTIFUL Delta dress Lindy Bop were kind enough to send me for review. I've always had a soft spot for Lindy Bop and lately they've upped there game even more! This print is killing it for me, when I first started dressing more to my vintage side border prints were just not available in my size and the colours in this one are just to die for! This dress is also not lined which I actually prefer in a swing dress so I don't end up with static when I wear a petticoat under the skirt. Here I'm wearing a size 22 which is what I always order with reproduction or vintage style brands as I often find that they run a little small. My only issues with this dress were that I need to pop a few tacks in the underarm as it gapes a little (something that happens in basically all dresses I wear that are sleeveless) and I find the dress quite long in the body but popping my favourite belt on solved that issue easily! I am honestly so impressed with this dress and feel really lovely in it. I also love that it has pockets! We ALL love a dress with pockets that is for sure! 

I decided to style it up with my vintage favourites and my hair was so amazing thanks to Jess at I love Lucie Hair Parlour in Stockport. I got my hair cut there just before I took these photos and it's honestly one of my favourite cuts particularly as my curls hold much better now thanks to the horseshoe vintage cut which was done. If you're a vintage gal I cannot recommend them enough! 

Lindy Bop currently have an End of Summer Sale on so I'd definitely recommend grabbing a bargain while you can! 

Accidental Hiatus...

Hey.... do you remember me? I know it's been one hell of a while but I may be away a little longer. 
Try not to miss me too much my Instagram is still updated almost daily, I've just had a lot on since January and something had to give. 

That and I super last minute got the chance to be a Wardrobe Supervisor for a production in Leeds which means along with my other job I'm travelling around the country looking at costumes etc. This ends on July 11th and I'm hoping then things will slow down a little more so I can get back to my little space on the Internet (but knowing my life it'll probably end up being even more hectic!) 

I still love A Rose Like This and feel so much guilt that I've not been able to update anything like I once did but I haven't gone... and I will be back! 

Unleash - Dear Scantilly


Unleash set by Dear Scantilly (via Curvy Kate). Glasses from Specsavers. Hair Flower by Pin Up Curl.

Before I ramble further I just want to say the only editing on these photos is altering the light as I took these in my studio space and the lighting sucks there even at the best times of day! I'm going to try and not to ramble on this post but I probably still will! If you've been following my blog since the start (god help you!) you'll have seen how I've changed as a person which is something I love about running A Rose Like This for so long. These type of images are something I'd never think I'd be posting in the future back then but you know what I fucking love them. Are they perfect, no? Do I wish there was perfect lighting and I could pose like a professional, maybe but you know what this is me and where I am at this point in my life. Almost 24 and pretty much accepting my body as it is because hell it's the only one I'll ever have. Sure sometimes I think it would be easier if I wasn't fat but doesn't everyone feel like that sometimes? So here I am my size 20 body, cellulite, wobbly bits and all.

If you haven't tried any lingerie from Dear Scantilly you seriously need to. this set and another half cup bra from them I own make me feel like I could take on the world! Even if I'm just wearing really boring clothes over them! I'm wearing a 38E as I do with any Curvy Kate products and it fits well and more inportantly the band is comfortable to wear. I also love these high waist bottoms which have a cute cut out on the back, I actually ordered the largest size they do and could have easily sized down! 


A Vacation in Sicily.

Sicily is an island located in the southern part of Italy known to be a Mediterranean gem. Despite the branding it has received due to its controversial past, the region maintains itself as one of the most beautiful places to visit in the area. This multi-cultural place offers a mixture of Greek, Roman, Spanish and Arab influences, making it diverse, unique and simply amazing. There is so much to explore in Sicily – archaeological ruins, historical information, tasty cuisine, endless beaches and breath-taking landscapes.

It might be a part of Italy but it is a unique place worth spending a vacation. Sicily has so much to offer in every direction. Every town, every coast, every countryside has a story to tell, ensuring anybody a holiday to remember. In fact, many people visit its shores all-year round, making it packed with holiday-goers during peak season. However, if you want to have the best time exploring and experiencing authentic Sicilian culture, it is best to consult companies such as WishSicily for well-appointed and furnished houses or villas to rent in Sicily. 

There are a lot of different kinds of places to see in Sicily, a lot. Below are some of the top places worth visiting for an educationally exciting vacation.

1. Palermo
Being the capital of the region, Palermo is a bustling city of color and life. From morning till night, there is always some activity to tickle the senses. The place is full of historical and archaeological sites such as Baroque churches and buildings. As you go around the city, passing through beautiful piazzas and tight alleys, you will get to appreciate the hustle and bustle that makes the city. Visit the open-air markets of La Vucciria and Baccaro, for example. There is a huge variety of goods but don’t bypass the foods that are sold there. In addition, don’t miss visiting some of the many museums such as the Museo Archeologico Regionale Antonio Salinas to see one of the most interesting exhibits of Greek and Punic art in Italy. If you are into food and wine, there are plenty of cooking classes and wine tasting tours as well. You can learn how to prepare some of the favorite Sicilian dishes and learn which wine goes well with each dish.

2. Taormina
One of the most picturesque and therefore, most-visited towns in Sicily, Taormina is definitely a place worth a stop. With a dreamy climate and perfect position, it offers an amazing itinerary for a true Sicilian vacation. This hilltop town is world-famous for its well-preserved Greek- Roman Theatre that is also a beautiful vantage point to take appreciate the scenery of the Ionian Sea and Mt. Etna.

It is a city infused with poetic beauty as can be witnessed in the lovely gardens, squares and streets. Not far away, visitors can for for evening walks near the beaches of Giardini Naxos or Isola Bella. The luxury, the romantic atmosphere and the refinement that can be found here makes it all worth it.

3. Agrigento You can’t leave Sicily without visiting the Valley of the Temples located in Agrigento. This ancient Greek colony that used to be part of the Magna Graecia offers a fascinating peek into the once powerful and luxurious lifestyle of ancient people. The Valley of the Temples is known to be one of the most amazing examples of art, architecture and influences from the ancient Greek era.

After exploring the area of the Valley of the Temples, make a side trip to the Scala dei Turchi for a less-crowded beach experience. You can sunbathe, swim or climb the rocks. The white rocky cliffs make an amazing background for shooting photographs to capture moments of your Sicilian adventure.

4. Aeolian Islands
Not so far from the main island is a group of islands known as the Aeolian Islands. A ferry ride or a boat ride will allow you to go island-hopping across the different spots to experience the beauty each has to offer. This volcanic archipelago allows you to go fishing, scuba diving, beach hopping, swimming or soaking in thermal baths. You can climb Stromboli, catch a spectacular sunset or watch the “Sciarra del Fuoco” – lava flowing from Stromboli into the sea.

5. Mt. Etna
For those who love adventure, climbing Mt. Etna is a must. There are many companies that organize hikes up to the summit. Only licensed professional guides are allowed to accompany visitors to the top. The scenery from the top is simply breath-taking, one worth seeing, indeed. During winter, some snow activities are also possible. On the other hand, Mt. Etna is a place where some of the best wines of the region are produced. There are many wine tours organized in the area, accompanied with cooking classes or wine-tasting. It would be a satisfying experience to learn about Sicily’s sacred mountain and produce that come from there.

Sicily is a place worth visiting from January to December. It is a perfect place that can provide activities that cater to visitors during the different seasons. Whether it’s swimming in crystal-clear waters, climbing a volcano, or enjoying the food, Sicily is always open to those who have the interest to visit its shores.

Current Favourites - Very.


I've decided to start doing some Favourite posts again as I do an awful lot of window shopping online! I'm currently lusting over anything that's slouchy comfort, Structured looks and my go to vintage aesthetic and for me Very have something for each of these. Anything with a lipstick on it gets my vote and the striped top would be perfect for layering in the cold weather at the moment but would also be cute with just leggings and converse whenever we get spring weather! I also can't resist a cute print or a good old slogan tee! Speaking of print the sliced floral print on the midi dress keeps it interesting but also a simply shape and style, I have a few weddings coming up over 2017 and this dress would be fabulous! 

Are you lusting over anything lovely from I've also spotted a few concession brands on there that I'm definitely going to keep an eye on including Girls on Film


Velvet Dream.


Dress: Evans (c/o House of Fraser) Shoes: Next. Clutch: Evans.

This is a long awaited party outfit post I meant to get up over Christmas but due to lots of last minute drastic changes in the pantomime I do costumes for and unfortunately a neighbour I was very close to (Patches owner) passing away. This is the first time I've been able to sit down to write. The lovely team over at House of Fraser gave me the option to choose an item from there Evans selection on the site and I just couldn't stop going back to this beautiful velvet number! The camera doesn't pick up how beautiful it is, you can wear it on or off the shoulder and has an utterly lovely almost peplum like frill on the chest which is also part of the sleeves and back. This means it gives you a little coverage on your arms if you feel a little insecure about them, which I do with my own sometimes! 

I'm wearing a UK size 20 which is my usual go to, I always find Evans clothing is pretty true to size meaning I don't have to worry so much about what size I would need. Another thing I love about Evans is the wide fit options in footwear and you can also buy these from House of Fraser as well. The perfect one stop shop! If I'm looking for occasion wear in plus sizes HOF is my go to as they also stock the fabulous Studio 8 which have the MOST beautiful dresses! I decided to keep this pretty simple but perfect for the part season with a sequin clutch and my sparkly flatforms. I did something a little different with my hair and curled it away off my face, I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it but I love my hair like this! 

House of Fraser currently have some fab pieces from Evans Clothing in their sale at the moment! As well as a whole host of other plus size pieces! The dress above is now sold out on HOF but is still available at Evans in limited sizes.
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