I'm back!

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Seaside chips, my folks, work girls at Twinwood and beach ice cream.
Skirts made by my own fair hands x2, Lindy Bop dress for work and Asos Curve sunflower dress.

Apologies about the accidental hiatus on the blog! After going on holiday and then plannings for Twinwood at work and spending a fair bit of time looking after my neighbour and his dog Benji (and of course a little uni work) I seem to have been away from A rose like this since the end of July and actually a whole month since today! I had a lovely holiday and Twinwood went very well though we had one day of virtually none stop rain, it is British weather after all! 

I've got lots of fabulous posts in the pipeline and I'm hoping to get one or two up before Plus North this weekend (who else is as excited as me?!) then I'll get lots more ready for the following week then I'm back to my foundation degree to finish my second year (and have to decide what my plan will be for the future, gulp!) I'm hoping to get my blogging mojo back in full force as I've also filmed a few, pretty awful videos to restart my love of youtube and vlogging so hopefully you'll be seeing me updating a little more in the coming months, all I can promise is that I'll try my best!
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