Electro lips.


I saw this little video online somewhere and just thought the make up is actually lovely. No its not really electro but I liked the sound of that for the title of this post. The video is pretty self explanatory. Though I am yet to try out any topshop make up I've heard nothing but wonderful reviews of the majority of there pieces.

I really like the colour of her lips here and I think its a lovely take on the neon lip trend its not over powering like possibly a seriously bright pink would be (because in my head that's what neon is). I'm going to try this look out but probably with the make up I own at the moment. While were on this subject I'm thinking of doing a what in my make up bag vlog/photo post would you all like to have a look see?

The girls turned 18.


YESSSS I turned 18 last Friday, I had college during the day so as normal I was up at 6am and grumpy but when college had started the girls had got me a cake with candles and one of my best friends Emily had brought balloons to tie up and dib dabs for everyone, it was really sweet of them!

These pictures were taken at a meal I had with a group of friends on Friday night, just pub food nothing fancy but it was lovely having them there all the same! While we were there the worst MJ tribute act came on he was hilarious and extremely creepy as soon as thriller started I literally ran out of the place...haha. The top image is the cake my folks got for me, though I actually asked them for one and then made the collage of pictures to be printed onto it. It has all the things I love on (mainly boys as you can see) it actually tasted really good which surprised me, my dad even got candles to spell out my name!

The middle picture is me and my best friend lily, I honestly don't know what were going to do next year when shes in York and I'm in Leicester but we'll work it out somehow. Anyway this picture was taken at the beginning of the evening because I can tell my make up hasn't worn off at this point. Just to keep this a little fashiony Lily's dress is from river island and you've seen that I'm wearing a number of times on the blog in fact its almost the same as my last outfit post but what you can't see is that I'm wearing tights and denim shorts here.

And finally is a picture of me with the card Lily made for me, she had printed out pictures of all the boys I love and written little speech bubbles for them, its really quite adorable though as my current obsession seems to be Mr Styles I got extremely giddy over his picture! Because yes I really am that lame. So over all my birthday was low key but enjoyable, though Saturday night I made the horrific mistake of somehow consuming what was basically a bottle of vodka to myself (take note: it was straight from the bottle I didn't even mix it with anything) how I did this I do not no, but I very much regret it! Bless my friends for walking me home and actually being nice to me even though I was a out of it. Also not drinking any water when I got in was a HUGE MISTAKE lets just say I've definitely learnt from this and won't be touching this said form of alcohol for quite sometime.

P.s I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who tweeted me on my birthday, it was so so lovely coming home to find them and meant the world to me! I have some outfit posts and reviews to do soon and I'm on my half term break and will try and get them done as soon as possibly.

Chinese garden.


These pictures were taken at biddulph grange gardens which is near to where I live. Its owned by the national trust and as my family are members we go all the time. This is by far my favourite garden, it has so much to look at from really beautiful flowers to all the hidden places within its wall. This garden being based on china is surround by the 'great' wall of china which has finally been finished (it feels like they've been rebuilding it my whole life, which I think they might of been!) I went with my dad, granny and my cousin and her boyfriend who were over visiting from holland, so it was just nice to spend and afternoon together I suppose.

So on to my outfit, I'd been out that morning shopping with my cousin so I'm just wearing something I'm comfortable in but doesn't look to frumpy! Sorry that I look so miserable on this picture but its really the best of a bad bunch! Lets just say my dad was kind enough to take some pictures of me, unfortunately he's not used to my camera so on a few I either look asleep or or my face, neither are a good look. Almost everything I'm wearing you have seen before on the blog but isn't that what personal style and fashion is about remixing?

The dress I bought from evans in the sale just after christmas and it is by ruby rocks and I have to say I love this dress so much I just feel so good in it. I wished I'd bought another one while they were on sale as at the rate I wear this one it won't last forever! The headband I've hardly stopped wearing since I made it in easter for a fancy dress party because my hair is really thick I tend to use grips to keep abit up off either side and by adding the hairband it makes it look like a proper look. The leggings are matalan ones which are a staple to my wardrobe, though I'm wearing ready for another pair soon just like I am with my shoes which have seriously died my toe pokes through the front but I just love wearing them so much and what makes it worse is that yo can no longer get them in store or online from evans. And to finish my look I'm wearing a small gold locket on a long chain, I bought this from dorothy perkins while I was out with my cousin, it was in the sale (like all the jewellery I buy) and I just feel it added a bit of something without over doing it. classic and small.

My make up isn't too over done, because of being out all morning before these pictures were taken, I did have a smudge of red lipstick patted over my lips but it had most likely rubbed off by this point. If anyone can reccomend a good powder from the high street as well as a good waterproof mascara I would be eternally grateful. mascara nearly always smudges or rubs down my face even highly reccomended brands, and I want eyelashes to flutter this summer not be strump and clumpy!

Evans blogger brunch.

Inspired by Stella McCartney, if you have the latest glamour magazine theres a picture of kate winslet wearing part of the collection which I think inspired this.

The bags and shoes for this coming season are really lovely, a few pairs I am deffinitly after!

Peter pan collared lace dress is on my need list along with the tights and the beautiful shoes.

This time last week ( yes it really was a week ago!) I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers invited to the Evans autmn/winter preview, which you will know I was really excited about because I was going on about it on my twitter, youtube and on here to! So I managed to get on the train without to much problem other than me getting my seat numbers mixed up but I found the right one, Though I did feel a little under dressed on a carriage full of suits! When I finally got to London I met up with Steph and Naomi and I'll just say this was the first time I'd met them both but I knew of Naomi's blog and I annoyed steph on twitter all the time anyway so I felt like I knew her already. We got onto the tube to oxford circus where we then waited outside Topshop for Claire, Lauren and the birthday girl Carla and then after taking a few different routes we made it to where the event was held.

Once we had all signed in and got up to the top floor where evans section was on, we were introduced to the team and offered drinks which I deffo needed after getting up the stairs and the lights I was roasting, I finally got used to it and was able to speak to people without melting!
This is when I met Laura and LaCara for the first time as well. So once we had met and spoken to everyone briefly it was time to look around the collection.

Some of the things Evans have planned I am truly excited about and as much as a risk some of it may be I am positive they will pull it off because after all they've got us all backing it! For this upcoming season Evans is becoming the more classic/grown up side of style and they are making Style369 for the younger customers and keeping it for the more fast fashion side of the industry. Which really excites me because I am one of these younger customers but also love classic tailoring which will be seen on Evans. The inspiration for the collections was the 1970's using rusty colours, cool florals and fabulous fur coats I can see it all flying off the shelves from this look my favourite piece was a burgundy pleated midi skirt which on me would be maxi, I may have to buy one and just take it up!

There was also a splash of a vintage inspired feel to some of next seasons pieces from the lovely duffle coat I know was one of stephs favourites to fur collared jacket. From what I saw at the preview Evans have really stepped up there game on a few dresses and such, peterpan collared lace dress is on my wish list along with a sleeves one with a lovely pleated skirt, wishing it was out in june so I could buy it for a year 13 prom I may be going to! All the shoes which were on display were really cute as well, a pair that caught my eye and a number of the other lovely girls too were a pair of little bootie wedges I cannot wait for those to appear in store, another piece I loved was the bag I've pictured above, I think its the structure of it that originally caugth my eye, then the colours and just the vintage feel of it.

I can see next season for Style369 also being really good we got to see a selection for them as well which was a bright pop or colours and patterns a number of them being favourite pieces of mine, so I can see them being in my basket as soon as they are on sale! we were all lucky enough to choose a piece from the exclusive collection for Evans or a new piece from Style369 to be sent to wear once they are produced I originally chose a vintage styled dress which was reminicent of a 1930's shape, but once I got home and slept on it I realised I would get a lot more wear out of a really cool polka dot number they had on a manniquin so hopefully I've swapped it. And cannot wait to get my hands on it and show you all!

So after talking with the design team and all the other lovely ladies we went on to get some lunch as a little mini celebration for carla's Birthday And I have to say I really enjoyed myself and feel I've made some new friends! Which I know sounds really cheesy, but its true. I can't wait to tell you more about what Evans have got up there sleeve and I will once I'm allowed too, I can't believe how much I enjoyed the event and really hope I get invited to more in the future as I do feel I got so much out of it. And another thing I have never met nicer people and cannot wait for more opertunities to spend time with them all!

And finally thank you Evans for inviting me, I feel totally priviliged and hope I get the chance to attend more events. You can Check out Evans post of the day here as well as find links to the other bloggers posts there are also some pictures on the Evans facebook page.

steph I think we made a connection and I know you feel it to!

My little Trip to london.


These are just a few little snaps I took while in London, I wanted to be much more touristy than I ended up being but I'm sure I'll be there again soon so I'll just do that then!
How cool is that huge plug thing on the side of the building, Its actually insane. So obviously I had to get a picture of it to show my dad and brother because they would also think it was cool (super geek family).

The top image is what helped me survive the journey to and from London. Though I think I may of annoyed a women who sat next to me, she soon moved though. It was possibly my One Direction play list on full blast that put her off! the book is called Boy meets Boy and its a really good story, I've read it more than twice so surely that's a good sign? Then of course I had a magazine to get me through it as well as my phone, I got some lovely texts off such as "have you survived the train?" which was really very charming!

Then after a long day of wandering around London and shopping, me and Steph had ice cold Starbucks and they were lovely, actually I could murder one right now and that from just looking at the picture! Tomorrow or Friday I will get my post up all about the Evans event, which if you have me on tumblr or twitter you would of seen that I loved every second of it!

My little adele inspired look.

Adele Look 1

This is my first published attempt at using polyvore, this was for a workshop we had at college today from a stylist called Jemma ( if your reading this blog Jemma no one told me your second name!) My brief for this was dressing Adele for Jools Holland, which was perfect for me and I feel I did pretty well. I have to admit its my dream to be a stylist and I think I'd be good at it, but this is probably not come true but I will definitely try and make it! I really enjoyed creating this look and speaking about it, I even had a little PowerPoint to go along with it which I put other designers and ideas on. After doing this I feel I truly WANT to be a stylist, so I'm thinking I'll go into retail buying and design but try myself as a freelance stylist. So any aspiring photographers or students want a free stylist, let me know.

Adele Look 1 by Rosie Posie Astbury featuring mary jane shoes

Cotton summer dress
$375 - reissonline.com

Debenhams opaque tight
6 GBP - debenhams.com

Mary jane shoes
$695 - rupertsanderson.com

Rope earring
$18 - topshop.com

Betsey Johnson silk scarve
$78 - betseyjohnson.com

Lips in Satin
$16 - topshop.com


She had flowers in her hair.


Here's a little outfit post with two pieces I bought while in London, I will tell you all about my trip in my next post a long with photos! Just want to quickly say a huge thank you to Evans for inviting me to the event and I truly hope I get invited to more in the future as I feel I got so much out of it.

Anyway on to what I'm wearing the top is from New Looks straight size range and not the inspire section but its a slightly over sized style so it fits pretty well and is just so comfy, I need to buy more of them they will be just perfect for summer. You can style it in so many ways I've worn mine with v-neck jumpers as well as t-shirts over the top, so aspect to see this a lot over the coming months on my blog!

Now I adore this skirt, I've only had it a few days (since London) but I've literally not had it off. It's from h+m and is a size large from there normal range and is just lovely, the fabric, style, shape, just everything. And with the price of £6.99 I'm thinking about picking a few ones in different colours up as there just the type of skirt I like to wear. The cardigan in some of these photographs which I am wearing is just a old one from Dorothy Perkins I actually really could do with another black cardigan like it sometime soon.

My accessories are a mixture of homemade and thrifted. The headband you have seen before from a few posts I did over Easter and I made it myself for a fairy costume but I've actually fallen in love with wearing it. And I have to say I've had a few compliments on how nice it is and people don't think I've made it. The rings I'm wearing in some of these images are actually scarf clips but they also fit my fingers really well. I bought these from one of my favourite charity shops and they were possibly a pound each. I really love the whole look for this outfit and feel it could be a good transition between all the different seasons.

I can't wait to ramble on about London to you all soon! So I hope you look forward to reading my up coming posts!

The orchard.


So these are just a few pictures I took after college today while I was wandering around my grans cottage and the orchard and field surrounding it. So this is basically my uniform for college I always tend to wear a skirt with a stripy top and leggings, just ask some of my friends! I think you have all possibly seen these pieces on the blog before, but I don't buy new clothes all the time in fact I've had this striped top (which was a dress but has shrunk with the amount of times its been washed) Since I was 12/13 and I wear it all the time it's perfect in the winter to layer up as well as summer when I want to keep a little cooler.

So my skirt is from Dorothy Perkins in the sale during Christmas and was possibly around about 3 pounds I also wore it in this post so you can check it out there also. These stripy dress which is now more suitable as a long t-shirt was from new look well over 5 years ago now I think? And I bought it for about 12 pounds, I have most definitely got my moneys worth out of this! The shoes are Evans and a couple of years old, I just added them for a splash of colour on my feet and to bring out the blues in the skirt, my leggings are matalan ones which I wear most of the time. And finally my sunglasses you have seen in a earlier post and they are ran ban style from primark and cost me the quite grand total of £1.

I'm keeping this post short and sweet, but just out of interest have any of my followers been invited to the Evans brunch next Thursday?

Quarry Bank Mill.


So on the may day bank holiday, my parents dragged me away from my laptop and to styal mill, which isn't far from Manchester really. It's owned by the national trust and as me and my family are members we tend to go to places like this a lot. It was really sunny but extremely windy so I could deal with the warmth (if you've been following me since last summer, you may remember my post about how I hate hot weather..scrooge I know!)

Anyway what Styal mill was originally in fact a cotton mill, where they still produce fabrics today. I have been a number of times but I still enjoy it all the same, its the history of the place I find so fasinating. You can Watch hand-spinners at work which I also feel I learn from as well as experience the clatter of machinery which is seriously so loud, when I went around there was this little boy he was probably 2 and he was loving these massive machines making loads of noise, it was great! Yes I was possibly as excited as he was.

The pictures hanging on the wall I then photographed are of mill workers and there families, who all lived in the styal village which was built especially for them to live in. I just thought these photographs showed how it really was and were also quite beautiful. I have a few more pictures from my trip out which I will put up sooner or later. I hope everyone had lovely Easter holidays and days off! It's now back to college for me but I've now just about got used to my early morning again (I say almost...I haven't really).

And on one last note who else has been invited to the Evans Autumn/Winter collection preview, I'm really excited about being asked and also awfully nervous I've never been on a train to London on my own before and I'm bound to get very lost!

The start of my collection.


These are two toile's out of my collection, when I am finally finished I will have created four garments which believe me is quite crazy! In case you don't know what toile means (which I'm guessing a number of you may not, because I've been a fashion student for over a year and I'm still baffled by it) A toile is in basic terms a mock up of the final piece, be it a skirt or a dress. I wrote a number of posts earlier this year about my final collection and telling you what my theme was and it was based on the women's land army and the 1940s era. All my pieces will have vintage style lace collars on them as pictured in the centre pictures. The market level for my collection is high street, but good quality and well made.

Over all I am quite happy with my toile's so far, though as I'm doing the finishing touches to these two now, the machines are driving me crazy by just deciding not to work and sew really badly.ARRGGHH! Okay my little rant is over now. I'm using binding on my sleeves and necklines to make sure the collection is pulled together with matches pieces, there is also exposed zips on both of these pieces which also ties together my collection with a modern twist. I used this because I felt I needed a modern edge to my collection so it didn't just seem like they are replica's of 1940s clothing.

The fabric I've used for my toile's is not my final choice of fabric and when I've finally put them all together I'll snap a few shots for you all to see what I've decided on! It's a mix of floral upholstery fabric, a vivid lilac colour and a white cotton with an extremely faint but lovely pattern of flowers across it. These with my tough exposed zips and vintage styled lace collars should produce a distinct but stylish contrast.

The skirt on these photographs will be produce in a fabric which is in a map pattern, if anybody knows where I can source this kind of fabric please let me know! otherwise I may have to create it myself and it won't then have the exact look I'm after. In case any of you lovely people were wondering where I got my collars from I found them on eBay, there is so many different type of lace collars on eBay ranging in era's and prices.

So what do you think of my collection so far? Would you buy any of it?

In the garden.


It has taken me ages to get these pictures up, my blogger account was misbehaving yesterday and wouldn't let me upload and then I have had to upload each of these photos one by one today. But here they are I'm not totally happy with how I look in these pictures, it might just be how I've been feeling recently. But I won't go on about how I've been feeling a bit deflated, I'll talk about my almost lovely outfit!

I'm guessing you all now know that Primark now stock size 20 which I am very pleased about but is also bad news for the little money I tend to have! This dress is from Primark and I utterly love it. It actually fits surprisingly well and I adore the detailing with the ruffles and buttons. I feel it is quite vintage inspired which is definitely up my street! I do feel I will have to slightly alter the dress for one the straps are very thing and not particularly strong so I'm going to just sew some thicker black velvet straps on hopefully. You can see in the close up images of the skirt and bodice how lovely the print is, which is what originally caught my eye! the back is all elasticated fabric so it does stretch but I would say it is true to size.

I just wanted to add a pop of colour with my cardigan and red lipstick but I feel a black cardigan would of looked much better. My cardigan is from Dorothy Perkins and is a lovely bright blue shade and I often use to to brighten up my staple black and white outfits. My shoes are from Primarks wide fit selection and they are by no means perfect fit for my feet but they were 6 pounds and were far to cute to pass on! I found my bag in my local Oxfam I showed it on one of my YouTube videos so if you want to know more about it check that out. And finally my earrings are from Matalan and are just really adorable, I definitely need to wear them more. I just added the last picture for a bit of an action shot, it also made me laugh.

I'm guessing most of you guys watched the royal wedding, along with the majority of the rest of the world. I'm planning on doing a post on it because it was just so beautiful. Though if you follow me on twitter I basically did running commentary.

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