Evans blogger brunch.

Inspired by Stella McCartney, if you have the latest glamour magazine theres a picture of kate winslet wearing part of the collection which I think inspired this.

The bags and shoes for this coming season are really lovely, a few pairs I am deffinitly after!

Peter pan collared lace dress is on my need list along with the tights and the beautiful shoes.

This time last week ( yes it really was a week ago!) I was lucky enough to be one of the bloggers invited to the Evans autmn/winter preview, which you will know I was really excited about because I was going on about it on my twitter, youtube and on here to! So I managed to get on the train without to much problem other than me getting my seat numbers mixed up but I found the right one, Though I did feel a little under dressed on a carriage full of suits! When I finally got to London I met up with Steph and Naomi and I'll just say this was the first time I'd met them both but I knew of Naomi's blog and I annoyed steph on twitter all the time anyway so I felt like I knew her already. We got onto the tube to oxford circus where we then waited outside Topshop for Claire, Lauren and the birthday girl Carla and then after taking a few different routes we made it to where the event was held.

Once we had all signed in and got up to the top floor where evans section was on, we were introduced to the team and offered drinks which I deffo needed after getting up the stairs and the lights I was roasting, I finally got used to it and was able to speak to people without melting!
This is when I met Laura and LaCara for the first time as well. So once we had met and spoken to everyone briefly it was time to look around the collection.

Some of the things Evans have planned I am truly excited about and as much as a risk some of it may be I am positive they will pull it off because after all they've got us all backing it! For this upcoming season Evans is becoming the more classic/grown up side of style and they are making Style369 for the younger customers and keeping it for the more fast fashion side of the industry. Which really excites me because I am one of these younger customers but also love classic tailoring which will be seen on Evans. The inspiration for the collections was the 1970's using rusty colours, cool florals and fabulous fur coats I can see it all flying off the shelves from this look my favourite piece was a burgundy pleated midi skirt which on me would be maxi, I may have to buy one and just take it up!

There was also a splash of a vintage inspired feel to some of next seasons pieces from the lovely duffle coat I know was one of stephs favourites to fur collared jacket. From what I saw at the preview Evans have really stepped up there game on a few dresses and such, peterpan collared lace dress is on my wish list along with a sleeves one with a lovely pleated skirt, wishing it was out in june so I could buy it for a year 13 prom I may be going to! All the shoes which were on display were really cute as well, a pair that caught my eye and a number of the other lovely girls too were a pair of little bootie wedges I cannot wait for those to appear in store, another piece I loved was the bag I've pictured above, I think its the structure of it that originally caugth my eye, then the colours and just the vintage feel of it.

I can see next season for Style369 also being really good we got to see a selection for them as well which was a bright pop or colours and patterns a number of them being favourite pieces of mine, so I can see them being in my basket as soon as they are on sale! we were all lucky enough to choose a piece from the exclusive collection for Evans or a new piece from Style369 to be sent to wear once they are produced I originally chose a vintage styled dress which was reminicent of a 1930's shape, but once I got home and slept on it I realised I would get a lot more wear out of a really cool polka dot number they had on a manniquin so hopefully I've swapped it. And cannot wait to get my hands on it and show you all!

So after talking with the design team and all the other lovely ladies we went on to get some lunch as a little mini celebration for carla's Birthday And I have to say I really enjoyed myself and feel I've made some new friends! Which I know sounds really cheesy, but its true. I can't wait to tell you more about what Evans have got up there sleeve and I will once I'm allowed too, I can't believe how much I enjoyed the event and really hope I get invited to more in the future as I do feel I got so much out of it. And another thing I have never met nicer people and cannot wait for more opertunities to spend time with them all!

And finally thank you Evans for inviting me, I feel totally priviliged and hope I get the chance to attend more events. You can Check out Evans post of the day here as well as find links to the other bloggers posts there are also some pictures on the Evans facebook page.

steph I think we made a connection and I know you feel it to!
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