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It has taken me ages to get these pictures up, my blogger account was misbehaving yesterday and wouldn't let me upload and then I have had to upload each of these photos one by one today. But here they are I'm not totally happy with how I look in these pictures, it might just be how I've been feeling recently. But I won't go on about how I've been feeling a bit deflated, I'll talk about my almost lovely outfit!

I'm guessing you all now know that Primark now stock size 20 which I am very pleased about but is also bad news for the little money I tend to have! This dress is from Primark and I utterly love it. It actually fits surprisingly well and I adore the detailing with the ruffles and buttons. I feel it is quite vintage inspired which is definitely up my street! I do feel I will have to slightly alter the dress for one the straps are very thing and not particularly strong so I'm going to just sew some thicker black velvet straps on hopefully. You can see in the close up images of the skirt and bodice how lovely the print is, which is what originally caught my eye! the back is all elasticated fabric so it does stretch but I would say it is true to size.

I just wanted to add a pop of colour with my cardigan and red lipstick but I feel a black cardigan would of looked much better. My cardigan is from Dorothy Perkins and is a lovely bright blue shade and I often use to to brighten up my staple black and white outfits. My shoes are from Primarks wide fit selection and they are by no means perfect fit for my feet but they were 6 pounds and were far to cute to pass on! I found my bag in my local Oxfam I showed it on one of my YouTube videos so if you want to know more about it check that out. And finally my earrings are from Matalan and are just really adorable, I definitely need to wear them more. I just added the last picture for a bit of an action shot, it also made me laugh.

I'm guessing most of you guys watched the royal wedding, along with the majority of the rest of the world. I'm planning on doing a post on it because it was just so beautiful. Though if you follow me on twitter I basically did running commentary.

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  1. yay for the royal wedding! and your outfit! :D
    the print on that dress is so pretty, i considered buying it myself ! :)
    Rosie xo

  2. of course i watched the wedding and loved every second of it =) you're looking lovely and that bag is amazing, love it!!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  3. You are so lucky to have Primark near you! I am in love with everything I see as far as what bloggers wear. You look amazing. I didn't not see the royal wedding because it was too early for me, but I saw the coverage afterward and I loved everything about it. What a great time to be British!

  4. Your dress is lovely! It's such a nice shape and the accessories are fun! Following!x


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