Chinese garden.


These pictures were taken at biddulph grange gardens which is near to where I live. Its owned by the national trust and as my family are members we go all the time. This is by far my favourite garden, it has so much to look at from really beautiful flowers to all the hidden places within its wall. This garden being based on china is surround by the 'great' wall of china which has finally been finished (it feels like they've been rebuilding it my whole life, which I think they might of been!) I went with my dad, granny and my cousin and her boyfriend who were over visiting from holland, so it was just nice to spend and afternoon together I suppose.

So on to my outfit, I'd been out that morning shopping with my cousin so I'm just wearing something I'm comfortable in but doesn't look to frumpy! Sorry that I look so miserable on this picture but its really the best of a bad bunch! Lets just say my dad was kind enough to take some pictures of me, unfortunately he's not used to my camera so on a few I either look asleep or or my face, neither are a good look. Almost everything I'm wearing you have seen before on the blog but isn't that what personal style and fashion is about remixing?

The dress I bought from evans in the sale just after christmas and it is by ruby rocks and I have to say I love this dress so much I just feel so good in it. I wished I'd bought another one while they were on sale as at the rate I wear this one it won't last forever! The headband I've hardly stopped wearing since I made it in easter for a fancy dress party because my hair is really thick I tend to use grips to keep abit up off either side and by adding the hairband it makes it look like a proper look. The leggings are matalan ones which are a staple to my wardrobe, though I'm wearing ready for another pair soon just like I am with my shoes which have seriously died my toe pokes through the front but I just love wearing them so much and what makes it worse is that yo can no longer get them in store or online from evans. And to finish my look I'm wearing a small gold locket on a long chain, I bought this from dorothy perkins while I was out with my cousin, it was in the sale (like all the jewellery I buy) and I just feel it added a bit of something without over doing it. classic and small.

My make up isn't too over done, because of being out all morning before these pictures were taken, I did have a smudge of red lipstick patted over my lips but it had most likely rubbed off by this point. If anyone can reccomend a good powder from the high street as well as a good waterproof mascara I would be eternally grateful. mascara nearly always smudges or rubs down my face even highly reccomended brands, and I want eyelashes to flutter this summer not be strump and clumpy!
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