All Stars.


I've always been a fan of Converse, the love affair started when they were THE coolest thing to own if you were a wannabe emo. Of course now I'd pair them with pretty tea dresses and quirky retro styles where as the 13 year old Rosie would have worn ill fitting skinny jeans, a black top, striped hoodie of some kind and truly hideous wonky eyeliner.

Littlewoods range of Converse is almost second to none, they have all the classic colours and a range of low tops or high tops. My first pair of converse (which were bright pink and black, oh so emo) were high tops and as much as these were the most popular look I now much prefer low tops as they look so much cuter with tear dresses and frilly socks! They of course range in price but these were my top four which you could wear with all manner of outfits, you can take a look on the links at the bottom of the image for more information. I can't wait to try out some Chuck Taylors in the future as I have so many idea's for looks with the items. These would also look fab with turned up jeans a slick of red lipstick and a breten style tee which I tend to style quite often for interviews among other bits and bobs!

What's your favourite style of Converse?

The Rich is Back!


Wearing all Benefit on my face bar face powder, concealer and a red lip stain used to enhance the gloss.

This is part of my make up looks with the fabulous Limited Edition Matthew Williamson The Rich is Back Makeup Kit from Benefit. The lovelies who sent me this said create anything you like and as I'm very much still an amature when it comes to applying make up so this was certainly something different! Now if we were talking lipstick I could do that like a pro but generally speaking I never bother with my eyes as they're either covered by my glasses or my annoying thick hair. I was most excited for the mini mascara to arrive as  I've seen so much hype around the piece that I wanted to try one for myself! I wouldn't say it's life changing moment when I pop it on but it keeps my lashes dark and thick without it all smudging down the road in the rain after you've ran everywhere else too! My look is an alternative on the classic Cat Eye flick!

Step by Step:
1. Covered whole eye socket in disco dust, taking particular attention to the corner of my eyes.
2. Kept Solid Gold concentrated on my lid only to create the a shimmering effect when layered.
3. shaded with Get Down Brown and blended with some more Solid Gold
4. Put a cotton ball dipped into water and dampen the end of a fine eyeliner brush (mines from Real Techniques) and line eyes with a flick using Feel So Teal.
5. Lightly used Get Down Brown and Feel So Teal sparingly on my lower lash line.
6. Curled my lashes then used They're Real Mascara and used the tip for lower lashes.
7. I used a felt tip lip stain under the gloss to give a slightly more intense colour.
8. Finally used Gimme Fever lightly on cheeks and also on my brow bone to catch the light.

I'm no beauty whizz but I was super happy with how this look came out! And of course also loved this fab set! I've always been a fan of Benefit Cosmetics but always shied away from anything but there primers but this would be fabulous as a gift for some of my nearest and dearest as even though the colours aren't something I'd normally wear they're all set out to compliment each other beautifully! This was my first ever kind of beauty post so I'm still a little wobbly with my descriptions! This look was used in an upcoming outfit post and I'll be posting my second look shortly!


Meet Taking Shape!


Coat: c/o Taking Shape. Jeggings: Excite Clothing. Dress: Matalan. Scarf: Primark. 

What now seems like an age ago I was contacted in regards to a well known Australia and New Zealand 
 brand with oodles (yes I said oodles) of experience which has newly launched in the UK. This brand of course is named Taking Shape! They carry a number of brands to suit an array of lovely ladies. In my eyes I'm probably the youngest of there spectrum but when looking through the site I did see a few pieces I know would work brilliantly within my current eclectic wardrobe including this Highland Rose Top!

I was lucky enough to be asked to choose something from the site and when I saw this coat I couldn't resist. I've been looking for a new winter coat since last year after I realised my previously beloved duffle was more snug than I wished for it to be. I went for a size 22 as I've been feeling like my size has fluctuated within stores lately (whether that's due to all the crisps I eat or companies sizing I can't decide!) so I size up but once it arrived I realised I really needed have worried about it as a size 20 would have fitted fine with room for a jumper underneath! Luckily for me the 22 doesn't look like it's swamping me so I'm happy with that all I've got to do is take the arms up a little because I have short arms! I styled this with my beloved tartan scarf which I haven't stopped wearing since I bought it at the start of September. My new dress I picked up from Matalan yesterday for a fiver and my insanely comfortable leggings from excite clothing!

Taking Shapes price points are a whole range depending on what you're looking for. I'd say the pieces are made to last and be worn often as the first thing I do when I get a garment is check the stitching (problems of being a fashion design student!) and I have to say this coat is beautiful made, so I'm super impressed! 

Have you checked out what Taking Shape have to offer and seen anything that's taken your fancy? Let me know in the comments below!


Golden Renaissance with Simply Be.


It all happened on slightly grey day in October but that didn't matter because me and 3 other fabulous bloggers were there to make the place glow (or in my case get VERY shiny, forgot how boiling it is under lighting!) Of course there was lots of of planning involved mostly by the utterly fabulous team at Simply Be a huge thank you to them for thinking of me and letting me have this opportunity! You can check out the Simply Be website, blog and Facebook page for lots more snaps of us all together and solo! Simply be were also nice enough to pop me into the Doubletree Hilton right by Piccadilly station in Manchester the night before (it is sad to admit that I was overly excited because when I was 17 I once hunted down One Direction there?..)
I met my babes Rachel and Nancy in the bar (I've never met Nancy in person until then but lets just say we had a connection and I LOVE HER) Of course I love Rachel equally as much to!

Then bright an early the next morning we also met up with with adorable Allie as we were all bleary eyed due to the 7.30am set off time and bundled into a mini bus to make it too our wonderful location where we were all united as the awesome foursome when the complete babe  Betty Pamper joined us! The MUA and hair stylists were amazing listening to what our usual looks were or what we wanted to try, I am now slightly obsessed with fake eyelashes! We were put into our rather fabulous outfits and it was ready to shoot! Of course we were constantly primped and primed so we looked right in each shot, I was worried I'd look overly awkward as I'm far more used to being behind the camera on shoots like this not in front of them but thankfully the photographer was a doll and called me sweetpea and somehow got me to naturally smile in the pictures!

Before I begin the mass of photographs below I just want to thank Simply Be again for the opportunity at letting me play model for the day and for letting me get the chance to spend some times with people I was already lucky enough to know and two new fabulous ladies I can now certainly class as friends!

Be... The Sweetest Rose

Be...Ready To Rock 'n' Roll

Be... Unique

Be... Proud of the Women You Are

Be... Pretty as a Pin Up

Rain Coat.

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Dress: New Look Inspire. Jumper: Asos Curve. Jacket: c/o Bonmarche.

The lovely people over at Bonmarche asked if I'd like to review an item from there new pieces what seemed like an age ago now but due to work, my new degree course and Loss of camera and equipment it's taken me a good while to get the post up and for that I can't apologise enough. At the moment everything is still settling so my posts are becoming pretty sporadic but please do stick with me, I'll be back on a more regular basis soon I hope!

I've been looking for a practical yet cute and classic rain coat for quite some time! It needed to be something that still suited my style but also worked well for Girl Guiding too and I think this jacket has hit the nail on the head perfectly! The only downside to this for me is that I think it runs a little small as I can do it up but wouldn't be able to get many layers under neath, If I was going to order again I'd probably consider sizing up personally. As you can see I actually got to test it out weather wise as when I was shooting these the heavens opened and I have to say it stood pretty well with the sudden downpour!

So cute, pretty comfy and easy to throw on or carry around. Over all top points for practicality! I finished this with my cute printed dress from New Look inspire which is really short but I can just get away with it when I wear tights and my usual red lipstick! Have you ever thought of checking out Bonmarche before now? I know as a 20 year old alot of people wouldn't think of it as there first port of call but they have some stunning pieces in this season including the fabulous David Emanuel classics.

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