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I've always been a fan of Converse, the love affair started when they were THE coolest thing to own if you were a wannabe emo. Of course now I'd pair them with pretty tea dresses and quirky retro styles where as the 13 year old Rosie would have worn ill fitting skinny jeans, a black top, striped hoodie of some kind and truly hideous wonky eyeliner.

Littlewoods range of Converse is almost second to none, they have all the classic colours and a range of low tops or high tops. My first pair of converse (which were bright pink and black, oh so emo) were high tops and as much as these were the most popular look I now much prefer low tops as they look so much cuter with tear dresses and frilly socks! They of course range in price but these were my top four which you could wear with all manner of outfits, you can take a look on the links at the bottom of the image for more information. I can't wait to try out some Chuck Taylors in the future as I have so many idea's for looks with the items. These would also look fab with turned up jeans a slick of red lipstick and a breten style tee which I tend to style quite often for interviews among other bits and bobs!

What's your favourite style of Converse?
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