The Rich is Back!


Wearing all Benefit on my face bar face powder, concealer and a red lip stain used to enhance the gloss.

This is part of my make up looks with the fabulous Limited Edition Matthew Williamson The Rich is Back Makeup Kit from Benefit. The lovelies who sent me this said create anything you like and as I'm very much still an amature when it comes to applying make up so this was certainly something different! Now if we were talking lipstick I could do that like a pro but generally speaking I never bother with my eyes as they're either covered by my glasses or my annoying thick hair. I was most excited for the mini mascara to arrive as  I've seen so much hype around the piece that I wanted to try one for myself! I wouldn't say it's life changing moment when I pop it on but it keeps my lashes dark and thick without it all smudging down the road in the rain after you've ran everywhere else too! My look is an alternative on the classic Cat Eye flick!

Step by Step:
1. Covered whole eye socket in disco dust, taking particular attention to the corner of my eyes.
2. Kept Solid Gold concentrated on my lid only to create the a shimmering effect when layered.
3. shaded with Get Down Brown and blended with some more Solid Gold
4. Put a cotton ball dipped into water and dampen the end of a fine eyeliner brush (mines from Real Techniques) and line eyes with a flick using Feel So Teal.
5. Lightly used Get Down Brown and Feel So Teal sparingly on my lower lash line.
6. Curled my lashes then used They're Real Mascara and used the tip for lower lashes.
7. I used a felt tip lip stain under the gloss to give a slightly more intense colour.
8. Finally used Gimme Fever lightly on cheeks and also on my brow bone to catch the light.

I'm no beauty whizz but I was super happy with how this look came out! And of course also loved this fab set! I've always been a fan of Benefit Cosmetics but always shied away from anything but there primers but this would be fabulous as a gift for some of my nearest and dearest as even though the colours aren't something I'd normally wear they're all set out to compliment each other beautifully! This was my first ever kind of beauty post so I'm still a little wobbly with my descriptions! This look was used in an upcoming outfit post and I'll be posting my second look shortly!

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  1. you've done a great job, your blending all looks great! I'm useless at applying make up xx


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