Southport Pier.


Jacket: Dorothy Perkins. Shirt: Charity Shop. Jeggings: Excite Clothing. Converse: Kurt Keiger. Sunglasses: c/o Specspost.

I took these snaps while we wandered down the pier before leaving Southport after I'd visited Taking Shape. Looking back I could have probably worn something that was a little more high fashion and interesting but I knew I'd end up walking a fair bit (my Dad likes to aimlessly wander everywhere!) so I choose comfort over style. I also knew it'd be windy so decided against the adorable skirt I was going to wear, which I instantly regretted not doing so as soon I got there. I have to admit this shirt is probably a little too short to wear with leggings and a long vest something just doesn't look right... Oh well you live and learn!

I've been wearing these shoes ever since they arrived. I never thought I'd get obsessed with converse again like I was when I was 13 (wannabe emo years, my colour choice was bright pink/ black with star print laces, oh so cool...) but low and behold I've hardly had these beauties off my feet. they work with everything I swear even my lipstick! I'm wearing one of the new Bourjois Velvet lipsticks in these photos and I am in love it's giving my Revlon matte balm a serious run for it's money!

Even though I'm not in love with these photographs it was a sunny day and seemed a waste not to show them you! And I'll definitely be visiting Southport again as they're sprucing up so much on the front and there is also a number of hidden gems that make it even better!

Visiting Taking Shape!


The lovely guys at Taking Shape recently offered me the opportunity to pop over to a store and take a look as well as have a little styling session with the team at my chosen store. I decided to make the day of it by trotting over to Southport with my parents, who went for a wander while I was there. Firstly I just like to point out how colour and bright the store is and I instantly felt lifted when I walked in. So often with plus size stores you walk in and the lighting is just off and everything is rather dark, Taking Shape is completely different: A riot of colour! The ladies working at the store were also a dream and I am definitely planning on visiting them again as they were fab and just oh so wonderful! So after this it was time to hit the changing rooms which were spacious with good lighting and mirrors something I always pray fitting rooms have!

 This was the first outfit I got picked out for me to try on and I'm generally NOT a trouser girl but I loved these!

 So you can tell from my face the full outfit above is not my cup of tea and probably never will be. That being said I loved the trousers and colour but for my own wardrobe I'd pair these with a Breton stripe.The leggings in the second photo are to die for, I got these in a different pattern and CANNOT wait to show you!

 This jacket would potentially look a little to mumsy on the hanger for my own personal taste but once I got this one I was in love (and have since regretting not picking it up!) Taking Shape jewellery is to die for and I got this necklace, major swoon!

 Another necklace I picked up and absolutely ADORE!

Of course there was some items I tried that weren't something I'd choose to wear but I was willing to try anything on as sometimes that's when you find something that looks amazing but you thought wouldn't!
I was pleasantly surprised with the store as if you look at the lookbook shots online they don't do the actual garments much justice at all. Particularly when as a 20 (almost 21!) year old I did initially worry that the majority of the clothing would be out of my age range but the team were fabulous at choosing pieces that were more edgy and something there more mature customers wouldn't initially choose, like the mesh leggings which are utterly fabulous! Also if you're looking for a statement piece of jewellery I'll now be sending everyone straight to Taking Shape, it was all so pretty I actually came away with two necklaces (which are pictured above). Seizes are from 14-26 but they're really rather generous so if you're size 26+ I'd definitely recommend going to take a look as I've said the staff are great from the ones I've met and know the garments really well so I'm sure they'd be able to assist with any queries. My nearest stores are Liverpool and Southport but you can check out more on the site.

Thanks again Taking Shape for having me and I'm so glad to have found another place to shop (Though my purse is crying!)


Marisota Pop Up Shop!

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 I attended this event what seems like ages ago now (it probably was) but with another uni deadline rearing it's ugly head and lots of things happening I've only just had a chance to pop these snaps up! I was so happy that Marisota choose to have a Pop up in Manchester for a number of reasons, a) because it's where Marisota are based and JD Williams head office is just five minutes away from where they decided to have the shop and b) because it meant I could leave from work and actually attend something. Due to working mid weeks and my two days off actually being the days I'm in uni I feel like I keep having to turn down such amazing opportunities as of late!

It was wonderful to see a few blogger ladies, faces of old and new(ish) including the fab Beth and Steph you can see me with above. Me and Beth almost became twins deciding to try on the same dresses each time! I would have said it wasn't planned but in the end it was! I saw shown lots of lovely pieces as part of the Shapeology idea and surprisingly found pieces I wouldn't normally have tried on looking pretty good on me. A favourite piece being a lovely swing dress I'll have some snaps of up on the blog soon!

We also got the chance to meet the fab Mark Heyes, I had a quick chat with him towards the end as I didn't get there until gone six. he was lovely and dressed all in white (reminded me of a modern day angel? No just me then...) of course I had to get a cheeky snap or three with him! I'd like to thank the fab team for inviting me to go down and for how amazing everything was laid out! I really hope Marisota think about launching some stores in the future (North West first please!)


Rogers & Rogers for Matalan.


Top: c/o Rogers & Rogers for Matalan. Jeggings: Excite Clothing. Shoes: Topshop. Hair Piece: c/o Wonderland Wigs. Chronic Bitch Face: Yours Truly.

The Fab team over at Matalan were nice enough to offer me a chance to try out a garment from the refreshed collection on offer from there plus size range Rogers & Rogers. If you check out the collection the majority is trusty pieces you can wear time and time again and be reworked in your wardrobe for more than one season. Two of my favourite pieces along with the top I'm wearing and the dress in the same print (nothing beats a cute daisy print!) are This fab striped jumper and adorable floral kimono. At the moment
nothing in the range is over £20 so it's equally fabulous value. 

The main reason I choose this top is due to the print as I thought it would be perfect for Spring/Summer, had short sleeves so I wouldn't feel to uncomfortable with my arms being out too much and finally because it , looked long enough to cover my crotch meaning I could wear my beloved leggings as trousers! The only worry I had with this top that whether the cut of the hem would look good on me but I actually love it! I was also curious how the draped fabric which cascades down the front would look and whether it would be over powering but again I was impressed with the over all look! I finished the look with a coloured lip, which isn't red for once! My fab hair piece from Wonderland Wigs because it saves my life when my hairs at it's current awkward stage (read: hides my split ends) and my insanely awesome boots which I've hardly worn enough! 

I actually wore this outfit sans the hair piece and swapping my boots for converse for a day at the Safari Park for one of my best friends 21st's and I can vouch that this top is incredible easy to wear, comfortable and most importantly I still felt good in it!


Cause, Lipstick on your Collar Told a Tale on you, Boy.


Shoes and necklace: Topshop. Sunglasses: c/o Specspost. Outfit: MADE BY MY FAIR HANDS.

I did this shoot for a project I handed in at Uni a few days back and I thought I'd show you guys my fiercest model poses... big thanks to my rather fabulous boss who snapped these for me after work. Who'd have thought the stairs up to my office would be the perfect place for the photo shoot session! These were for a competition as well as so we'll see how that goes but everyone who entered was seriously amazing so I don't think I'll have much of a chance I'm afraid! 

I utterly adore this fabric, so much so that when I found it I bought 4 metres and I'm totally wishing I'd bought more! I'm hoping to whip up a circle skirt and crop top with what I have left if I can! I decided to go with a cute retro inspired look with modern accent, hence the amazing shoes and my statement necklace. I was sent this sunglasses as a lovely surprise from Specspost and I'm completely over the moon and have already been worn countless times, even inside! They've got my prescription in and they're just perfect to injecting some vintage glamour to my peepers!

My sewing skills still aren't top notch but I am getting better and as I'm slowly learning to make patterns in my size (this one for the competition was originally a size 6) thanks to my tutors help, I'm hoping my confidence will grow! I'll hopefully have another shoot for you soon with a jacket I designed and created myself, some of you may have seen it on my Instagram way back at the end of January when I finished that unit. I'm hoping to post more of my Uni things, so hopefully you like seeing what I design and make!

Spring Time Wellies.


Denim Jacket: M&Co. Dress: Dorothy Perkins. Wellies: c/o Jileon Wellies. Hair: Thanks to Nancy!

I don't know about you but I've never been a massive fan of wellies, probably because I couldn't get cute one that would fit around my calves or fit my wide feet. In fact I recall having some tops of wellies when I was younger being slit down the back so I could get my legs in! But in the last 2 years I've found the joy that is Jileon Wellies who sent me a pair to try in November 2012 (check that post out here) which I loved back then but they have come on leaps and bounds since then! They were lovely enough to offer me the opportunity to review there new style and I'm genuinely blown away! 

 The buckles are perfect they actually lock so they don't come undone as you walk which ones in the past have. On where the clasp is for the buckle and cord it can't fall out all together which is another well thought out feature, having them made our of fabric instead of the rubber of the wellie has worked out perfectly. They're also insanely comfortable because they actually fit my feet so I don't get aching soles after wearing them for a few hours. These are almost closed on me and they fit up to a 53cm calf so would be perfect for all manner of calves. So not only are these practical and fit wonderfully but they're also really pretty, I adore the ditsy print of the flowers and the fact it doesn't cover the whole boot makes it easier to match with clashing prints and this time I wore them with this cute polka dot get up, red lips (which I'm rarely without) and my lovely vintage hairstyle, which is thanks to the lovely Nancy and I'll be showing you more snaps from this soon! This was slept on hair as well, super impressed! Back to the Wellies, I'd recommend Jileon to anyone with wide calves, I love these so much that I'm seriously lusting over this second pair!

Jileon Wellies have been even more fabulous by offering my readers a fabulous 20% OFF! Just use the code ROSE20 at the check out, this will be active for 2 WHOLE weeks! Let me know if you order any I'd love to see what you chosen!


Dearest, though you're the nearest to my heart.

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Dear Kate - The Ella Mini Brief in XL (c/o). Swing Dress (Just seen): Matalan.

I got sent these utterly lovely briefs from Dear Kate an absolute age ago but due to a few shifts around at home they went missing for a short time but alas I have finally retrieved them from the depths of the borrowers living in my house!

Dear Kate are made by women for women, they are a new kind of underwear with a built-in breathable panel that will give women the confidence to take on the world! I love these, not only are they really cute with pretty lace details and the adorable bow but they also fit well, I'm wearing an XL which I would say certainly wouldn't fit anyone bigger than a UK 18/20 on the bottom as they're snug on me, which I don't mind at all. Secondly how cute is the packaging?! I'm a sucker for anything in tiny boxes with sweet quotes and illustrations attached, so these tick ALL THE BOXES for me. Basically this brand are a massive high five to girl power and I love that! Not only do they do all these lovely and practical knickers and briefs but they also do some bralets to match signature bottoms in the range including one to match The Ella which is available here.

You can get 20% off your first order with them on their site! And yes those are some cheeky snaps of my thigh... I'm slowly lowering myself back into more underwear reviews again, it's been awhile! I also couldn't help using Buddy Holly lyrics for my title.

Flowers, Ladybirds and Butterflies.


Iphone 4s case: c/o Iconemesis.

This is another treat I was sent but have only just managed to retrieve to get some photographs for the blog. (I do realise I need to organise my life more, it was on my to do list for 2014 but it looks like I've lost that as well!) The lovely guys at Iconemesis asked if I'd like to choose something from there vest and utterly fabulous collection to accessorise my phone with. Now I've only had my iPhone for a little over a year and the fact I can get pretty cases to adorn it is still very much a novelty to me, so of course I was stupidly excited to take a look and this one caught my eye straight away! Such an unusual pattern and style I knew this would be the perfect edition to my phones ever growing wardrobe. It's still available on the site here (and it's on sale, what more could you ask for?!)

These below are also three more that would be more than welcome among my phone case collection, they're way cooler than my cringy One Direction number and who doesn't love coffee, flowers and cats? All are available on the site now.

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