Can You Tell Your Prada From Your Primark?

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Can you spot a good deal, do you have an eye for bargain for value for money? Find a good deal in today world can be tricky and sometimes you can be left feeling ripped off. If your not feeling to fantastic when to comes to getting the best deals out of well, everything maybe now is the time to test your skills out on this great infographic the guys at Ladbrokes have created!

Prada or Primark or Primark and Prada? You decide!

Whether you play Deal Or No Deal online or watch it on the telly, you’ll know that to succeed you need to be able to have a sixth sense when you’re on to one of those wonderfully red winning boxes and when to quit. Luck also plays a part as well and of course the lovely people at Ladbrokes Games thought they'd test your perception of value with seven items and seven fictional price tags – but are they offering you a good deal or a bad deal? Play along for fun and find out for yourself on the website whether you can tell the difference between High End and High Street! I've actually played this along with family and friends and they were pretty shocked with some of them!

Commissioners Ball.


Me, Adam, Joe, Alex and Dan.

A few weeks ago I visited Sandhurst for one of my oldest friends Commissioners Ball (Joe's in the middle!)
Now of course it was a huge deal and we're all super proud, yes I realise I'm beginning to sound like his mum but it's true we were! It's scary because it actually feels like we are grown ups now and I'd quite like to go all peter pan and not grow up anymore for a while just yet, but unfortunately we have to! The ball was pretty snazzy and warm (as usual I got a little to hot...) My friends parents and older brother and his lovely fiance came too, so it was lovely to have a table full of us!

Of course being a ball it was a black tie kind of event, which was fine for the boys but a bit of a dilemma for me! Luckily the lovely Becky from The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe came to my rescue with this lovely fifties style dress. I wore my petticoat underneath to give it a little more shape and definition added a lovely bolero from The Curvy Collection who you can see on my sidebar and some lovely shoes which Evans kindly sent me way back in the summer. Which as much as I loved I can't last more than a few hours in they killed my feet and everyone assumed I was pissed by the end of the night (which I let them as it was easier than just saying I couldn't walk in heels!) My clutch bag you've seen before and was from accessorize and my hair slide you can only just see I picked up at a Vintage Fair back in January.

It was so lovely to spend time with some of my friends, even though I was the only girl (bar his brothers fiance and his mum). Even the 4/5 hour car journey there and back wasn't at all bad considering I was with all boys, they were trying to make sure they were on there best behaviour! Finally my friend Alex isn't Scottish in case you're wondering he just thought he'd go all out!

#FFF Pastel Time!


Tee/Lace Top: Dorothy Perkins. Bag: Topshop. Trousers: Primark. Shoes: c/o Clarks.

So we're a week behind due to us all being super busy or just loosing our minds slightly (that's probably just me though and I am super late with this one!) So just in case you missed the first post of the Fat Fabulous Four challenge, we're basically just 4 bloggers me, Becky of The Ramblings of Mrs BeBe, Toni of The only way is Toni and Mhairi of Lilybobombs.Tackling different trends/looks every fortnight.  

This week is pastels!

Now I don't see myself as a pastel princess I own very little I did have an amazing dress I wanted to show you but I'm saving that for a future post, then I remembered this little gem of a top I bought last summer! I paired it with a white tee under as it's still nippy here in the north. I loved these trousers as soon as I saw them in Primark this time last year but due to being so ill over last summer they never left my wardrobe and then I just wasn't sure what to pair them with. So I kept it cute with my quilted heart shaped bag and my pretty much now trademark red lips (Ruby Tuesday from Maxfactor was today's choice.) If you have any idea how else I can style these trousers I'd love to know! I'm actually thinking about making them more ankle grazers?

Now onto these beautiful shoes! I was lucky enough to be asked to review these Clarks Chorus Voice Suede Shoes months ago but due to many things adding up in my life I've only just had chance to show them to you! I've never owned a nude coloured shoe but I don't think these will be my last I was originally worried they wouldn't look right with my wardrobe but oh how wrong I was, not only that but they are insanely comfortable and for a girl who try's to avoid heels at all costs that's a big deal! They also look lovely with my vintage and vintage repro clothing, which is another big plus in my book and finally apologies for the moody expression blame my photographer!

Love Label at


 A selection from Fearne Cotton, Holly Willoughby and Jameela Jamil's Ranges for Very!

New Love Label Pieces.

A selection of current Lovel Label pieces and range favourites.

The whole team who we spent the afternoon/evening with! 

  The lovely Designer and Buyer for Love Label.

Jameela Jamil crop top I need in my wardrobe!

  Me Em from Em Talks and Claire from The Fashion Freak.(picture borrowed from Claire!)

So a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to pop to London for a mere 4 hours (How depressing I'm never there long enough!) for a lovely little event by Love Label for Very. We also got to look at a few pieces from other collections including one of my major girl crushes Jameela Jamil, I utterly adore the majority of her pieces but I was never sure if I'd get my chunky little body into them but seeing the adorable cropped shirt I may have to try! All us blogger were also lucky enough to choose an item from the new spring collection to keep and style up in our own ways. Now considering I technically only just fitted into Love Label (more on this in a minute) I chose something stretchy and a little out there from something I'd normally choose! I decided on the checkered body con midi dress which in person is quite generous so it doesn't really cling to my lumps and bumps at all. I can't wait to show you how it looks on a girl like me! 

Now the real reason we were all there was to talk to the buyer and designer for Love Label, now let me start with how friendly these girls were, now I've been lucky to meet the odd designer and buyer in the past (specially with choosing to study these fields at college and uni) but these two were some of the most friendly I've met! they told us how they always have there eye on the catwalks and fashion weeks around the globe but the Love Label girl  likes to focus on street style, taking a lot of inspiration from the people she see's on the street! Oh course we also heard about the amazing trips they go on around the world whether it's a fabric or inspiration mission or to speak to a new manufacturer they jet from places like the far east and the USA, of course does sound exciting but they also reminded us it's all so a lot of hard work and long hours! Another thing I liked to hear was that a number of the Love Label pieces were produced in the UK and that Very actually use a factory not far from my uni house in Leicester which is always cool to know! 

It was time for us to ask the questions, and I brought up a question about the size range as they've recently stopped making Love Label up to a size 20 which I was obviously gutted about. From what I recall they mentioned something like it was taken out because So Fabulous is the new place for the younger more plus size market to go, which of course is great but also a shame for all of us who loved wearing Love Label! I really enjoyed the day even though at first I was a little curious as to why I'd been originally invited as I'm an 18 in bottoms and a 20 on top, I find the clothes quite generous so it wasn't a problem.

It was also lovely to meet some bloggers I'd otherwise probably never get the chance to, I spent most of my time with Claire and Em. I was worried about being the only plus size blogger of sorts there but I needn't of worried as these girls made me feel perfectly comfortable and they are so, so lovely! The team from Very and Love Label were also complete stars and so friendly, so thank you. As Very is actually based in Liverpool, it was nice to speak to some people that don't live to far from me either!

In case you're wondered what I wore, it's a playsuit from Asos Curve worn as a top! Skirt from Topshop and shoes sent to me from Clark's.


Learn The Fit at Panache!

 Tattooed Tealady, Betty Pamper and me!

Yours truly and Tattooed Tealady!

A few weeks back now I got the chance to spend a day at Panache HQ with a number of lovely bloggers who the majority I'd had the pleasure of being in there presence before. One blogger I was most excited to 'meet' for the first time properly (because you read there blogs you feel like you already know them!) was Sophia from Tattooed Tealady, not only is she an absolute doll, she's also a good laugh also, hence just rocking the coolest shades you've ever seen up in the picture above!

Panache's  'Learn The Fit' day was a workshop usually aimed at  retailers and retail assistants of them , this was the first time they'd opened to bloggers so we all felt very privileged!The day was led by Karen who owns The Little Big Bra Shop in Market Harborough which isn't too far from where I was at uni so I'm hoping to take a trip there when I go to pick up the last of my belongs! Karen was so lovely, naturally funny and made sure everyone was at ease, I really enjoyed myself and learnt so much! She also told me I was wearing the right sized bra which is always a confidence boost (in case you're wondering I'm at 38E for Panache bra's). We also got to meet some of the buyers and designers who showed us upcoming and current styles along with the mood boards, which as a fashion student myself I loved!

Panache were also lovely enough to let us go away with a swim set and lingerie set from them, both the pieces I chose were from Cleo my favourite range as they are so pretty and colourful (though sometimes I do wish they had more than a row of 2 hooks and eyes) I cannot wait to show you them on as they are too adorable not to! Thank you to everyone at Panache and Best British Bloggers for making my day so lovely (and getting me gluten free food for lunch, it was so sweet of you to do so as I didn't expect it!)

Below are the links to some of the bloggers I got to spend my day with!

Clare - I Like Tweet
And Many More!


Staying in, the new going out?

 I'm definitely more of a staying in kind of girl than the type who HAS to go out every weekend. I can't say I don't enjoy getting ready to go out but I just prefer be snuggled in a big bed with lots of blankets and a good film for company (or a friend, both is even better!) Some of my all time favourite moments with my friends have been when we've just been chilling in each others rooms having sleep overs (Yes I may almost be 20 but they are still the best!

This is actually my friends uni room I spent a night there a few weeks back and it was so lovely just to chill out together!
And this is how I wish my room looked.. unfortunately mine still pretty much resembles a teenagers!

Who says you can't have fun and laugh for hours if you're just staying in the house. I just wanted to jot down some things I do with my friends or plan to! We still do make over on each other we will never be to old for you granted now it usually happens when we've had a drink or two and not just hyper off the insane amounts of sugar we had consumed... hang on who am I kidding we still have all the sweets! Not only does it give you a new perspective on make up with someone else doing it but you could also find out something you thought would be awful on you looks lovely!

Another thing is a good film whether it's a cult classic or something new. Personally for me cheesier the better when I'm with my best friends. But if I'm watching it with my brother or myself it's usually something slightly more obscure and indie some personal favourites of ours are Submarine and How To Be. 

You could even go all Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels on us and get your hands on some poker apparel and have a cheeky game! You could deal in make up or sweets, it doesn't always have to be money! I think the most important thing is to just have a laugh and enjoy whatever you choose to do and make sure you snap it all on instagram, which just in case you don't follow me on twitter I finally have you can find me at Aroselikethis . If you choose to have a girly night in, let me know what you get up to!


I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks.


   (P)leather Jacket: Dorothy Perkins. Scarf: Vintage, hand me down. Dress: Matalan. Glasses: Select Specs. Shoes: c/o Clarks. Lipstick Rockalily Hot Rod Red.
I have lots of lovely posts to get up for you all this week, well I was supposed to last week but I've seem to have acquired some kind of bloggers block which is so annoying! So for now I thought I'd pop up these pictures Charl from A Ginger Girls Says took of me while we were in Sheffield for a lovely Panache Lingerie event (post up soon, it was amazeballs though!) As we were travelling on the train I wanted to wear something that wouldn't crease easily and more importantly I'd feel comfortable in. This is one of the much loved t-shirt dresses from Matalan though as they're midi length they are always way to long for me so I chopped off a bit and hemmed it to be more wearable for short, little old me! 

Red Lipstick is my confidence booster if I'm going to something I want to feel confident or strong I slick it on. Though it's fast becoming an addiction the amount of varying shades that all look similar in my make up bag is slightly insane but I just can't help it. I'm sure I could be addicted to much worse things! I know you've also seen this jacket a number of times now including the post below but I just adore it so much and I throw it over anything, just so versatile and perfect in so many ways! Okay I'll stop crushing over the jacket now!

Also Charl wanted me to post up the last picture because she thinks it's cute, I was actually dancing like a right idiot when she snapped this, as per usual. Finally I'm going to try and get on it more this week in regards to posting if I can but I know I'll be super busy and on Friday I'm travelling down/across/to Sandhurst for one of my oldest friends passing out balls as he's been there training I'm excited and super nervous but I'll make sure I get plenty of snaps of my evening dress for you!

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