Staying in, the new going out?

 I'm definitely more of a staying in kind of girl than the type who HAS to go out every weekend. I can't say I don't enjoy getting ready to go out but I just prefer be snuggled in a big bed with lots of blankets and a good film for company (or a friend, both is even better!) Some of my all time favourite moments with my friends have been when we've just been chilling in each others rooms having sleep overs (Yes I may almost be 20 but they are still the best!

This is actually my friends uni room I spent a night there a few weeks back and it was so lovely just to chill out together!
And this is how I wish my room looked.. unfortunately mine still pretty much resembles a teenagers!

Who says you can't have fun and laugh for hours if you're just staying in the house. I just wanted to jot down some things I do with my friends or plan to! We still do make over on each other we will never be to old for you granted now it usually happens when we've had a drink or two and not just hyper off the insane amounts of sugar we had consumed... hang on who am I kidding we still have all the sweets! Not only does it give you a new perspective on make up with someone else doing it but you could also find out something you thought would be awful on you looks lovely!

Another thing is a good film whether it's a cult classic or something new. Personally for me cheesier the better when I'm with my best friends. But if I'm watching it with my brother or myself it's usually something slightly more obscure and indie some personal favourites of ours are Submarine and How To Be. 

You could even go all Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels on us and get your hands on some poker apparel and have a cheeky game! You could deal in make up or sweets, it doesn't always have to be money! I think the most important thing is to just have a laugh and enjoy whatever you choose to do and make sure you snap it all on instagram, which just in case you don't follow me on twitter I finally have you can find me at Aroselikethis . If you choose to have a girly night in, let me know what you get up to!

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  2. The second bedroom pic is amazing where did you find it? X


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