New Years Eve.


Dress: c/o navabi. Fake fur collar: Off a coat.

Now I may not be out partying this New Years (if I had been I would have been a major third wheel!) but it doesn't surely mean I can't dress up? I was lucky enough to be asked by navabi if I'd like to try out one of there party dresses for the festive season and I decided to give this stunning floor length number a go. Now I have to admit my photographs don't do this beauty justice! Unfortunately with being left with my old digital camera due to my brother moving away with his swanky camera I wasn't able to get pictures I was completely happy with but I just wanted to show you it anyway!

This is floor length and as I tower at a mere 5'2 it certainly drags along the floor, even with heels on which obviously means it's great for all you ladies who tower above me and lets be honest that's the majority! So this is something I can stand in and feel extremely glamorous and grown up but have to hold up to walk in. I've chosen to wear the fur collar as not only was it freezing when I was snapping these but this is also very low cut and I wanted to keep this post a 12A.

This dress is something the Rosie of this time last year wouldn't have gone for but I'm so glad I've developed my style and hope to up it another level in 2014. As cheesy as it sounds I can't wait for my blog to grow with me as I've had some utterly amazing opportunities in 2013 and I'm looking forward to jumping into 2014 and seeing where life takes me.

Polka Dot Pretties.


 Xelence Mini Spot Tights - Light Shape Dress Size 16-20.

Xelence 30 Denier Semi Opaque Tights - Light Shape Dress Size 16-20
Dress: Dorothy Perkins Concession. Glasses: Jeepers Peepers.

I was contracted way before Christmas by the lovely team at Charnos to see if I'd like to review some tights from there XeLence range which are made with us plus size girls in mind and go up to a size 32. I received the size 16-20 in both styles, though I have to admit I was a little dubious initially as I always tend to size up with tights as so often if I buy ones that will only reach to my knees! Of course I needn't have worried as even though I'm at the top of the size bracket they fit like a dream and don't really cut into my stomach at all!

I was really excited to receiving the polka dot pair as I've been swooning over this cutesy look for so long but just didn't want to risk such thin tights because I've lost count of the times I've put my fingers through tights when trying to yank them on! When I originally popped these pretties on I was really careful not to snag anything but they pulled up really easily are very soft to the touch and even with them being thin I didn't feel like I was going to have to carry a bottle of clear nail varnish with me to stop any ladders! The second pair of tights being perfect for daily and basic wear and something I'd certainly feel comfortable wearing all day in the office or at uni, another thing I noticed when I wore these out was that they didn't fall down a lot either which is always a nice thing!

Each pair of Charnos Xelence is constructed with a higher denier yarn on the thigh area to help combat chub rub which I personally think is a fab idea but doesn't feel like it's heavier or tighter on your skins. They also each have a clever feature of a single layer waistband which helps eliminate the elastic band effect you can get across your stomach when wearing tights (I get this ALL THE TIME!) Priced between £7 to £10 I do think this is a great price for such a wonderful piece of hosiery and I certainly plan to order some more in myself in the future.

I think Charnos have really hit the nail on the head by saying there Xelence range is Custom Made For Curves and I can't wait to see more!


Fat girl in a crop top AGAIN?!


Velvet crop top: River Island. Disco Pants: Simply Be. Heels: c/o Simply Be.

I'm trying to keep this short and sweet as I'm all sickly and gross and just want to curl into a ball under my duvet for the next 12 hours or so! In case you haven't realised I've had a slight love affair with crop tops in the last year. I do realise they are something as a plus size women people think I should stay away from but obviously I never listen to what people think I'm "supposed to wear". 

I actually originally saw this top on the lovely Bee from The Littlest Buzz who wore it with the matching skirt when I first briefly met her at the Gok event (p.s blog soon to come on that and I bought the matching skirt as well!) I simply adored the colours and of course that it's a velour material which is something I swoon over as soon as September hits us! I decided to be brave and pair it with my disco pants which I have a love/hate relationship with. I love how comfy and tight fitting they are but I always get paranoid over how they look above the crotch and haven't ever really found a top that matters them but for this I decided to hell with it and paired them with this crop.  

P.S I know you can see a visible belly line but it's part of me and who I am so I'm not deciding to embrace it a little more - STARTING NOW!

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