Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend.

Top: Both Black Heart Creative. Bottom: All Topshop.

As most girls do, I love my accessories in particular anything bold or with my initials on! I've been meaning to post about my fabulous necklaces from Black Heart Creatives one which I had custom made and need to order in even more colours! Now I've got my new snazzy camera I cannot wait to take lovely detailed snaps for you all! My Fat Bitch necklace has been worn to death and is certainly a talking point whenever I wear it (which is pretty much weekly) I don't find the word 'fat' a negative word so I feel kind of empowered whenever this is adorned around my neck. The piece I had custom made was Chunky Yet Funky I can't remember where I saw it but it struck a cord with me straight away and I've loved it ever since, so much so I'll hopefully be getting it tattooed on my thigh in the not so distant future! Another aspect of accessories I love is anything remotely monogrammed if it's got my initials on it I'm there! I spent far to much on the 2 brooches but I just couldn't resist how they look on my leather jacket and the initial necklace was to stunning to leave on the jewellery stand, it certainly beckoned me towards it and across to the till!

It's very clear that I love my costume jewellery from Topshop to Primark as long as I love what I'm wearing I don't mind where it is from. But there has always been something about more high end pieces that virtually the population of women in the world would be drawn to. And I love nothing better than spending my evening scrolling through  luxury jewellery online.

A Costume For Any Occasion?

Me on Halloween almost 2 years ago can you tell? Just look at that hair!

Everyone loves a good excuse to break out the fancy dress and go out on mass but in the past I've found it pretty difficult to find good costumes in plus size that aren't A. Something completely shapeless like a present costume or something that barely covers your bum which is similar to my costume above, I had to wear the black dress under it to cover my modesty on many different levels!

I recently found Elliotts Fancy Dress and even though now isn't the perfect season who needs an excuse such as Christmas or Halloween for a fancy dress party? Not me! and what's even better they have a brillaint range for plus size people like myself. Though of course I still love making my own costumes and being imaginative when it comes to my creations but sometimes you just can't beat a cute ready made costume to throw on and be out in an hour instead of spending weeks sewing a million sequins to metres of fabric! 
A personal favourite of mine from the site is the adorable cowgirl fancy dress online complete with cow print skirt, which lets be honest I'd probably wear out as normal day wear anyway!


Nails, Nails, Nails.

Top Left: Both Barry M. Right: OPI. Bottom Left: Matte Black Barry M, Glitter Loreal. Right: Models Own.

Now as it's clear from these pictures I'm probably not the best person to talk to you all about nail care as I've had the habit of biting my nails for virtually my whole life and I've tried every treatment under the sun and nothing has really worked. Even though my nails are extremely short I always like to have them painted but the skin around them is awful, partly to blame is my bad habit but the other is also because I now spent a fair amount of time sewing or using pins/needles/scissors/overlockers etc and my skin takes a hit everytime I accidentally jab myself with any of these such things resulting in dry irritated hands.

I've decided 2014 will be the year I look after my skin better starting with keeping my poor hands and feet in better condition (I wouldn't dare post a photo of my feet as that just on a whole other level gross!) I'm going to treat tired, dry feet with gel socks to get my tootsies in tip top condition for the summer so I will wear lovely sandals again without hiding my feet in pop socks and converse!

Even though I am an avid nail biter I have a slight obsession with nail polish particularly the more sparkle the better in my opinion!

Your hair is a Wonderland.


Double Volume Straight Instant Weave in Dip Dye: c/o Wonderland Wigs. 
Lipstick: Topshop - Brighton Rock .

The lovely team over at Wonderland Wigs sent me this fabulous hair piece before Christmas but I've only just had chance to snap some photographs with it! For the last few years I've been intrigued by hair extent ions and pieces but all I had stuck in my head was those ones around a bobble you used to get in Claire's which were pretty horrendous so they'd put me off ever so slightly. Though after this baby came through the door I knew my mind would soon change, I'm utterly in love with this! It feels great quality the hair looks fab without giving off that synthetic look. What impressed me the most was how well it matches my hair, I of course just looked at the dip dye one and decided I needed this one as I was missing my old bleached locks (though they were A LOT shorter than this) my own hair blends rather well and I found it rather easy to style once I'd got it comfortably in place, here's a fab step by step on how to put it on. If you're after something fun or even something plain Wonderland wigs have everything it took me what felt like days scrolling through the site and for how lovely the service and pieces, it was wonderful!

I styled it in the quite tradition way and also with the pony tail style which is on the packaging this one couldn't be easier it has a drawstring around the outside to pull it in around a bun on your head then all you have to do is pop a few kirby grips to hold it in place and voila The Perfect Long Pony. I paired these with a slick of my new lipstick I picked up in the Topshop sale. I also cut my own fringe (again last night so I do apologise if any hairdressers read this and see the state it's in!)

So what do you think of my new look? Do I suit long hair?


Ed's Diner.


Dress: c/o Lindy Bop. Shoes: Amazon. Lipstick: Mac - Lady Danger. Glasses: Jeepers Peepers.

These snaps were taken by the fab HMS Vintage at Ed's Diner in Cheshire Oaks for the magazine I work at (Vintage Life, check us out here and here) I thought as I was all dressed up and wearing something other than flats that I'd pop these up for you to see! These were in our latest January issue so I've had to wait a little bit before I showed you the proper photographs. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have spotted a few sneaky snaps way back at the start of December when these were taken.

The rest of our team and myself were lucky enough to be sent some fabulous pieces from vintage reproduction companies like Voodoo Vixen and Lindy Bop to wear and I have to say I adore this dress as with a number of repro companies I tend to size up in clothes so here I'm wearing a 22, I just adore the style, cut and bow just my cup of tea! My boss/editor was sweet enough to curl my hair and I slicked on my brightest lippie. 2014 is the year I'm going to full embrace my love of red lipsticks, I own probably over 30 at least (I really wish I was joking) I'm trying to wear them as much as possible but after buying Mac's Ruby Woo and Lady Danger, nothing compares! They last all day and don't bleed around my lip line, just a dream really.

I was surprised how comfortable I felt when these pictures were taken, I'm usually extremely awkward when someone else is snapping away! Something like shoot of any kind in public would have freaked me out a few years back but now not so much, maybe I should be more brave this year as well and do more shoots? Answers on a postcard or just tell me what to do!

Big thank you to HMS Vintage for being the photographers, Lindy Bop for the dresses and of course my work for the opportunity to do a shoot like this. Oh and lastly Ed's Diner for letting us eat all the food and pose with everything!

Currently Coveting.

Playsuit: Asos Curve available here.

It's been awhile since I last did a Currently Coveting post but I've decide in 2014 I wish to make it a more regular appearance as I always like to see what other people are lusting for to be part of there wardrobe!
I'm also planning to take more opportunities blog wise with my photographs and to stop being so worried 
about posing in public as otherwise I hardly get any posts up (you can see how much I was lacking towards the end of 2013!) 

I saw this adorable playsuit on Asos this evening when  doing my frequent (Okay lets face it, pretty much daily) scope of the new bits and bobs on the Curve page. I'm a huge fan of playsuits and there is something that is pulling me towards this little beauty. Maybe it's the buttons, the comfortable and relatively crease free jersey or most probably all of the above and more! It could be dressed up or down but still look cute and smart. The buttons could be undone with a cami under for a new look, worn with tights or without over a swimming costume on a beach or with a fur collar and leather jacket. The possibilities are endless! Though granted I'm mostly just talking myself in to buying it even more than I already had!

For me Asos get clothes right every time and the majority of my wardrobe is either from there main range or Curve. The only downside being sometimes the clothing can be a little sporadic and odd with sizing's.


Everybody, Get down tonight.

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SSSSSSSS CLUBBBBB (there ain't no party like an S Club party!)

So that time of year has been put upon us once again, the Christmas parties. Now I realise a number have been and gone but lets not forget all the ladies and gents who work in retail or hospitality who often don't get chance to have there festive shenanigan's until January because they're busy working all over the Christmas holiday! 

So I'd thought I'd show you a few party stereotypes Curvissa sent me across to collaborate on with them. Now when I look at these myself I automatically think I'm certainly Number 1 - The Over-Dresser but in my defence who would I be to turn down an opportunity to get my glad rags on and sprinkle myself with sequins? We had my office blocks Christmas party just before we closed for the festive period and my work were certainly some of the most glamorous there in our wiggle and swing dresses and a healthy dose of glitter!

Now see what Curvissa say about the thoughts of The Over-Dresser.

"Someone misinterpreted the dress-code… awkward! She'll be wearing an extravagant style prom dress, too much fake tan,festive nails and overly high heels; probably not the best code of conduct if your office do is in the local bowling alley."

If you change up the high heels for glittery flatforms and vibrant lipstick for the fake tan it's not far wrong! Though working at a Vintage Magazine does mean I do luckily get chance to wear the odd pretty prom dress and express myself as I wish (though as on a usual basis I walk to work I tend to stick to something the wind won't blow me away in!) I'd choose something like this stunning little cocktail dress below to wear all I'd need would be a slick of glossy red lipstick and perfectly primped hair!

It doesn't take me long to party once I've decided what to wear and according to a current survey I'm one of the majority for the North West as it takes 21% 15-30 minutes to get ready compared to Scotland where it takes 22% of the lashes over an hour to be party ready! Something else I love about office and social parties is that you get to see how everyone else likes to dress up when they're not suited and booted for work and the survey found out that 67% of women pay attention to what everyone is wearing and who doesn't love a good nosey at people fashion choices. The reason  57% of the women surveyed said they paid attention was just because “it’s nice to see everyone’s dress sense” and truthfully I couldn't agree more! 

So why not see which Work Christmas Party Stereotype you are?  and I couldn't resist using S Club 7 for the title as it is a party classic!
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