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SSSSSSSS CLUBBBBB (there ain't no party like an S Club party!)

So that time of year has been put upon us once again, the Christmas parties. Now I realise a number have been and gone but lets not forget all the ladies and gents who work in retail or hospitality who often don't get chance to have there festive shenanigan's until January because they're busy working all over the Christmas holiday! 

So I'd thought I'd show you a few party stereotypes Curvissa sent me across to collaborate on with them. Now when I look at these myself I automatically think I'm certainly Number 1 - The Over-Dresser but in my defence who would I be to turn down an opportunity to get my glad rags on and sprinkle myself with sequins? We had my office blocks Christmas party just before we closed for the festive period and my work were certainly some of the most glamorous there in our wiggle and swing dresses and a healthy dose of glitter!

Now see what Curvissa say about the thoughts of The Over-Dresser.

"Someone misinterpreted the dress-code… awkward! She'll be wearing an extravagant style prom dress, too much fake tan,festive nails and overly high heels; probably not the best code of conduct if your office do is in the local bowling alley."

If you change up the high heels for glittery flatforms and vibrant lipstick for the fake tan it's not far wrong! Though working at a Vintage Magazine does mean I do luckily get chance to wear the odd pretty prom dress and express myself as I wish (though as on a usual basis I walk to work I tend to stick to something the wind won't blow me away in!) I'd choose something like this stunning little cocktail dress below to wear all I'd need would be a slick of glossy red lipstick and perfectly primped hair!

It doesn't take me long to party once I've decided what to wear and according to a current survey I'm one of the majority for the North West as it takes 21% 15-30 minutes to get ready compared to Scotland where it takes 22% of the lashes over an hour to be party ready! Something else I love about office and social parties is that you get to see how everyone else likes to dress up when they're not suited and booted for work and the survey found out that 67% of women pay attention to what everyone is wearing and who doesn't love a good nosey at people fashion choices. The reason  57% of the women surveyed said they paid attention was just because “it’s nice to see everyone’s dress sense” and truthfully I couldn't agree more! 

So why not see which Work Christmas Party Stereotype you are?  and I couldn't resist using S Club 7 for the title as it is a party classic!
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