Currently Coveting.

Playsuit: Asos Curve available here.

It's been awhile since I last did a Currently Coveting post but I've decide in 2014 I wish to make it a more regular appearance as I always like to see what other people are lusting for to be part of there wardrobe!
I'm also planning to take more opportunities blog wise with my photographs and to stop being so worried 
about posing in public as otherwise I hardly get any posts up (you can see how much I was lacking towards the end of 2013!) 

I saw this adorable playsuit on Asos this evening when  doing my frequent (Okay lets face it, pretty much daily) scope of the new bits and bobs on the Curve page. I'm a huge fan of playsuits and there is something that is pulling me towards this little beauty. Maybe it's the buttons, the comfortable and relatively crease free jersey or most probably all of the above and more! It could be dressed up or down but still look cute and smart. The buttons could be undone with a cami under for a new look, worn with tights or without over a swimming costume on a beach or with a fur collar and leather jacket. The possibilities are endless! Though granted I'm mostly just talking myself in to buying it even more than I already had!

For me Asos get clothes right every time and the majority of my wardrobe is either from there main range or Curve. The only downside being sometimes the clothing can be a little sporadic and odd with sizing's.

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