Ladylike Glamour with Scarlett & Jo.


Dress: c/o Scarlett and Jo. Bag: Vintage. Earrings: Dorothy Perkins.

This lovely dress the babes at Scarlett & Jo surprised me with just before Christmas is something I'd usually shy away from. I'm definitely a skater dress, A-line, circle skirt wearing girl at heart they're my safety nets. I'm pretty much comfortable with now having my arms on show and I have no problem with my legs but something that always puts the fear of god into me are wiggle dresses and pencil skirts. I don't know if it's just because I spent so much time hating my tummy or what but it's something I never really comfortable of having visible BUT this dress may have just changed my mind!

This Scarlett & Jo Purple Lace Powerfit Dress helps to hold me in a little so everything sits better on me. This is thanks to the Powerfit which is a layer under the address which is put in basic terms like magic pants that hold you in! Such a fabulous idea and it does indeed boost your confidence a little, I'm wearing a UK20 here and it fits me well and I know I'm always this size with the brand. The lace detailing on the back yoke is also lovely and would look fabulous with an up do or just as I've done pinning some hair up. I utterly adore pretty much everything Scarlett & Jo do as a fashion design student myself I can see they truly think about how the pieces look on a plus size figure (something that unfortunately sometimes doesn't seem to be thought about with other companies) My only problem is there dresses are pretty long on me but I'm only 5'2 and can easily take them up if I need to. I finished the look with some earrings I almost forgot I owned and a vintage bag I picked up from a charity shop a couple of years ago, I know it doesn't match but I do feel that it still works with the dress!

Do you have a favourite piece from Scarlett & Jo's current collection?

New Years Eve.

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 Top and Skirt: Asos Curve. Necklace: c/o Daisy and Eve at Evans and Impulse Loves.

Well this is a New Years post better late than never I guess? As a group of friends we didn't go out anywhere conveniently someone had a free house so we all dressed up a little (I say all, mostly the girls...) and spent the night in good company! Now I don't drink but it probably looks like I was rather merry, which I was but just in a sober way, Hitting the hard stuff (lemonade) like there was no tomorrow! We rang in the new year with cheering in the back garden and watching all the neighbours fireworks then running back into the house and singing and dancing along to Queen!

I decided that I wanted to be comfortable for the evening and decided to wear me new bardot neckline top from Asos Curve. I'm currently having a love affair with off the shoulder pieces and I don't think this will die down any time soon! Of course I've always been addicted to stripes, ever since my wannabe emo days so I couldn't say no to this fabulous and really comfy top! I wore it with another Asos Curve piece I picked up in the summer, YES IT HAS POCKETS and I've been wearing it a lot over the past few weeks after I rediscovered it in the back of my wardrobe. I couldn't decided what necklace to wear with it but I knew it needed to be something quite bold and then I knew this fabulous Daisy and Eve necklace I was sent before Christmas from Evans would finish the look perfectly and you know what it did. Make up wise I thought I'd keep it to my usual lashing of red lipstick and a smidgen of mascara.

Do you have any New Years Resolutions? For once I don't really other than to keep being myself!

Regal Romance.


Cardigan: Primark. Babydoll: c/o Plus Size Lingerie Boutique.

It's time for another lingerie/nightwear review! I've always loved pretty pieces but never felt like I was able to wear them but now I accept myself for who I am there is nothing I love more than pretty lace to dance around my bedroom in to my favourite play list (I bet you can guess what's mostly on it!) The lovely girls over at Plus Size Lingerie Boutique dropped an email in my inbox asking if I'd like to review something from their site and what a choice there was! so many styles and different looks but the lovely details on the Regal Romance Babydoll just called my name.

The fabric is soft to the touch and isn't scratchy or irritating on the skin, something you can often find with pieces like this. My only real fault is I'm not sure on the sizing I got a 3x/4x which is a us 18/20 (a UK 20-22) and I could have easily have gotten the size below as the cups don't sit well on me but I did make it work okay in the end. The straps are also only partially adjustable which for a short arse like me means they're a little loose but as I'm a little sewing bee I can make them tighter myself. Other than that I feel super cute in this and wish I could wear it all the time! I finished the look with my make up done properly, a classic matte red lip and my curled slightly.

Have you see anything you like on Plus Size Lingerie Boutique website? I've now got my eye on this retro beauty and maybe a few other pieces too!

60s Inspired with Wingz Fashion!


Dress: Simply Be (old) Sleeves: c/o Wingz Fashion

 "The thing with Wingz is – they are a bit different.
Wingz are not a bra or lingerie, but they aren’t a top or outerwear either. When faced with your first ever pair of Wingz, it can seem a little bit confusing – how exactly do you put them on?
That’s why the clever people at Wingz HQ have put together this video, showing you in easy steps how to put them on without ending up with your sleeve over your head, or the band around your neck. It really is this easy." - taken from Wingz Fashion website and video below from their YouTube.


 The lovely team over at Wingz Fashion offered me the chance to review on of their pieces to review and after having one to try a number of years ago I thought this would be the perfect chance to try a newer model. I was sent this before Christmas but due to having my grandad in hospital etc and blogger deleting my original scheduled post I've only had chance to show you the snaps now! I've decided to include the video above as I wasn't sure how to explain what to do with it etc so I thought it would help! I think these are a fabulous idea for anyone who is a little self conscious of their arms and they don't mean you have to cover that lovely sleeveless dress with a shapeless cardigan! I often wear long sleeved tops under dresses as well but sometimes I end up boiling hot so I find my wingz really handy for just adding a little coverage without the added bulk. they stay well under your dress as the sleeve head is elasticated  so sits well on your shoulder without easily slipping down, so you shouldn't be having to tuck them under or pull them up for the time you're wearing them which is always handy!

I decided to style it up with a retro 60s feel. I adore this dress from Simply Be the colour, print and it's velvet what more could you want from a wintry garment, I've always worn a black tee under it but the wingz is a lovely alternative. I paired it with a vibrant lip colour which is MUA's Criminal and it's fabulous but I haven't braved wearing it out in public yet just in the house! Along with some heavy eyeliner and lashings of mascara, something I rarely do now which means it now takes me twice as long to get even flicks!

Have you tried any of the Wingz Fashion products and what did you think?


Little Red Riding Hood?


Coat: c/o Taking Shape. Scarf: New Look.

Firstly let me me say a very happy new year to you all and I hope 2015 is fabulous for us all. I know I've been not as active on here as I'd have liked to have been over the last year but I'm hoping that will all change very soon! Also I hope Santa got you what you asked for I'm planning on doing some videos and posts about the bits and bobs I was treated to as well as what I treated myself to!

The lovelies over at Taking Shape sent me this duffle coat just before Christmas and unfortunately due to rushing to and from hospital all holiday I've only just had chance to post about it! (My grandad was critically ill, luckily he is now slowly recovering but it will take awhile so my blog had to temporarily take a back seat) 
I seen to really struggle to find the perfect coat, I often find they just dwarf me due to only being 5'2, this one I love as duffle coats are my favourite style however I do find it's too long for me but that's not a problem as I can easily alter the bottom to make it a better length for me. Here I'm wearing a UK size 20 and I'd say it's very much true to size if not a little roomy, I've found this with a few items from Taking Shape which actually isn't something I mind at all as I KNOW the size 20's will fit me then without worrying if I need to size up or not which lately is something I've had to do in a number of stores. It's beautiful made and well worth it for how well I think this will last, it also has a really cute checkered lining which for me stops it from being a little too plain. 

I decided to finish the look with a wash of red on my lips, something moisturising as the winter really drys my skin and lips out! Then accessories wise kept it to a minimum and just popped on my snugly tartan scarf, which hasn't really left my neck since October I'm rarely without it as it's perfect for keeping me warm without wearing too many layers!

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