Little Red Riding Hood?


Coat: c/o Taking Shape. Scarf: New Look.

Firstly let me me say a very happy new year to you all and I hope 2015 is fabulous for us all. I know I've been not as active on here as I'd have liked to have been over the last year but I'm hoping that will all change very soon! Also I hope Santa got you what you asked for I'm planning on doing some videos and posts about the bits and bobs I was treated to as well as what I treated myself to!

The lovelies over at Taking Shape sent me this duffle coat just before Christmas and unfortunately due to rushing to and from hospital all holiday I've only just had chance to post about it! (My grandad was critically ill, luckily he is now slowly recovering but it will take awhile so my blog had to temporarily take a back seat) 
I seen to really struggle to find the perfect coat, I often find they just dwarf me due to only being 5'2, this one I love as duffle coats are my favourite style however I do find it's too long for me but that's not a problem as I can easily alter the bottom to make it a better length for me. Here I'm wearing a UK size 20 and I'd say it's very much true to size if not a little roomy, I've found this with a few items from Taking Shape which actually isn't something I mind at all as I KNOW the size 20's will fit me then without worrying if I need to size up or not which lately is something I've had to do in a number of stores. It's beautiful made and well worth it for how well I think this will last, it also has a really cute checkered lining which for me stops it from being a little too plain. 

I decided to finish the look with a wash of red on my lips, something moisturising as the winter really drys my skin and lips out! Then accessories wise kept it to a minimum and just popped on my snugly tartan scarf, which hasn't really left my neck since October I'm rarely without it as it's perfect for keeping me warm without wearing too many layers!

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  1. Love this on you, the perfect shade for you :)

    1. thanks Gem. It's growing on me I was 100% when I first put it on! :) xx

  2. I love this coat and nearly got it myself! I know what you mean about drawfing, only being 4ft10 myself!!!

    Looks great on you, red is definitely your colour! xxx


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