60s Inspired with Wingz Fashion!


Dress: Simply Be (old) Sleeves: c/o Wingz Fashion

 "The thing with Wingz is – they are a bit different.
Wingz are not a bra or lingerie, but they aren’t a top or outerwear either. When faced with your first ever pair of Wingz, it can seem a little bit confusing – how exactly do you put them on?
That’s why the clever people at Wingz HQ have put together this video, showing you in easy steps how to put them on without ending up with your sleeve over your head, or the band around your neck. It really is this easy." - taken from Wingz Fashion website and video below from their YouTube.


 The lovely team over at Wingz Fashion offered me the chance to review on of their pieces to review and after having one to try a number of years ago I thought this would be the perfect chance to try a newer model. I was sent this before Christmas but due to having my grandad in hospital etc and blogger deleting my original scheduled post I've only had chance to show you the snaps now! I've decided to include the video above as I wasn't sure how to explain what to do with it etc so I thought it would help! I think these are a fabulous idea for anyone who is a little self conscious of their arms and they don't mean you have to cover that lovely sleeveless dress with a shapeless cardigan! I often wear long sleeved tops under dresses as well but sometimes I end up boiling hot so I find my wingz really handy for just adding a little coverage without the added bulk. they stay well under your dress as the sleeve head is elasticated  so sits well on your shoulder without easily slipping down, so you shouldn't be having to tuck them under or pull them up for the time you're wearing them which is always handy!

I decided to style it up with a retro 60s feel. I adore this dress from Simply Be the colour, print and it's velvet what more could you want from a wintry garment, I've always worn a black tee under it but the wingz is a lovely alternative. I paired it with a vibrant lip colour which is MUA's Criminal and it's fabulous but I haven't braved wearing it out in public yet just in the house! Along with some heavy eyeliner and lashings of mascara, something I rarely do now which means it now takes me twice as long to get even flicks!

Have you tried any of the Wingz Fashion products and what did you think?

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  1. Love this outfit! I also love the wings, what a cool idea!

  2. A brilliant idea - something I didn't even realise I was looking for! Great dress too, love the styling.

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