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Wrap Dress with Shorts - Simply Be.

I've been lusting over this since I first saw it at the beginning of May and naturally when I decide throw caution to the wind (and my poor bank account) to treat myself for my Birthday it's sold out in the 2 sizes I fluctuate between. For most people that would be the end of that but for me I'm hoping to set aside a little bit of 'me' sewing time to knock up a fabulous 2 piece inspired by this! 

It won't be in the same colour way or probably even the same shape, perks of patterning and drafting your own designs is having blocks in a true plus size at your disposal! I do have a lovely fabric in mind for this that is waiting on my unit shelf to be made into something perfect and summery! 

If you could make the one garment of clothing you'd love what would it be?


Where Have I Been?

It feels strange to be sat back down writing again... well writing something that isn't updating my portfolio for work.

 I've kind of lost my way with A Rose Like This something I once loved more than anything had to take a back seat while I decided what I wanted to try and do with my career and my brain. The end of 2017 was full of highs and lows, the lowest being loosing Patch my lovely and grumpy little Jack Russell I inherited from a neighbour who passed away in January 2017 and if I'm honest I've never gotten over it. The high was landing a job that was perfect for me granted it was only for a month run (Perils of having to be freelance!) but getting to show what I can really do when it comes to costume, in particular Pantomimes and being appreciated for the work I was putting in was a wonderful feeling. One I hope I get the chance to do again in the future as we all know Panto is my shit.

January 2018 was straight out of one Pantomime production into another then a scattering of smaller projects such as custom costumes and backstage work in my local theatre until a large production of Evita in Yorkshire In a church which took over my life from the end of March until the end of April. It all came together in the end but in that kind situation I'm always clinging on for dear life and questioning my own ability (it's a long story I don't fancy typing up to be on the Internet forever but if you follow me on Instagram at the time you'll have definitely seen my mini breakdowns) 

As of May 2018 I went into a youth production of Wind and the Willows and have kind of been treading water ever since, waiting for my next move. I'm constantly questioning whether to keep pushing my Costume Dressing career or just give up, so far I'm still attempting to keep that afloat. I haven't wanted to blog because I'm not wearing the fun clothes I once did and I spend weeks at a time wearing all black (like my soul) covered in safety pins and you're lucky if I even get to brush my hair sometimes. I've also not really been looking after myself and this is something that needs to change, part of my self care used to be updating A Rose Like This but now it is more just wallowing!

I'm not saying I'm back to regular posting or that the posts will be like they were before. Maybe I'll show you more of my work as that is what I spend most of my time doing or maybe my self confidence will be back to wear it was and I'll be posting sassy AF swimwear and lingerie posts again (something I really want to do as they helped me so much at the time) 

Images c/o The Dancehouse Theatre.

Some Costumes bought/hired or made by yours truly! 

If you couldn't guess from the photos the production was Cinderella and there were one or two hella quick changes! 

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