Red Riding Hood.


Red Riding Hood  Fancy Dress Costume: Jokers Masquerade (
So long no blog! I'm sorry its taken me so long to blog with an actual image of me as I've mentioned previously things have been a little crazy and I'm still not back into the swing of blogging and university just quite yet so bare with me!

I was sent this cute little costume MONTHS AGO in the post by the lovely people from Jokers Masquerade (again I'm so sorry its taken me so long to post this up) with all the palaver of being ill this summer and trying to intern/and getting a job I've barely had time to think. And now Halloween is very much upon us it felt like it was now or never to show you this lovely piece. This is from there Plus Size Fancy Dress selection on the website (which FYI is very easy to navigate around!) Surprisingly there is a large selection of fancy dress costumes online here for the plus size girl ranging in sizes from 16 to 26! The costume I chose was the adorable Red Riding Hood Costume priced at £28.49 which I think is a bargain for a full outfit including the cutest red satin cape which unfortunately you cannot see in the pictures above. The fabric is comfortable and not at all tight or cutting in on my figure as well as extremely fun! 

I'm actually wearing it out tonight for a Halloween themed DJ night my brother is doing, I've blogged about them before his nights are called Through the Grapevine and tonight is the spectacularly spooky special (woah just look at that alliteration!) So I'm positive I'll get some much higher quality photographs then, these were taken during my time without a camera/tripod so please excuse the web cam shots, I was just desperate to show you this!


Shaken not Stirred.


I thought I'd do a little wish list post on what I'd wear for a night pretending I'm a in a James Bond film.
Of course you'll all know the new film is out now (or soon, I tune out as soon as Daniel Craig appears on screen in a suit? I'm yet to ever hit a casino but I'm sure any of these would do for my sparkling new (wish list) outfit!

I decided I would go all out with a shimmer and bling but still add a little quirky touch to make the look one of my own. The gorgeous almost twenties styled dress is from one of my old favourites Dorothy Perkins I think it adds some old school classic glamour but with a modern twist. The twinkling heels are from Style 369 I think the glitter accents stop the shoes and well the whole outfit from looking too dark. I love this clutch from Asos its quirky and cute, what's not to like?! And finally you can't go out to drink a martini shaken not stirred, obviously without a beautiful cocktail ring to adorn your hand. This one is from Topshop I decided to not have a huge diamond glistening ring as the shoes and dress already shine so much as it is!

Do you think I 'd be good enough for 007's arm in this get up?


Currently Coveting.

Top/Tunic: New Look (no longer in store)

Okay so this isn't something I can currently get in the shops at the moment but I've been desperate for it since I first saw it on a blogger what seems like years ago! It's only from the main section in New Look so the biggest size its in is an 18 but I don't care as I'm sure I'd be able to squeeze into it!

I found this one on Ebay and put my bid on it but didn't check back in time and was outbid by 50p! Don't you hate that when your outbid by less than a pound! I really wish I'd put a higher bid on it in the first place,
unfortunately there isn't any other on Ebay at the moment so this is more of a post to see if anyone does have it in an 18 or even a 16 depends on shape/size I might eve get in it, it depends though! 

If you see one online or anywhere PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS I SERIOUSLY WANT THIS TOP OH SO MUCH! 

New Edit- I HAVE THE TOP HOPEFULLY! the lovely claire from French for Cupcake commented and said she has one I could have yayyyy!
P.S I promise I will try and get back to my normal blogging schedule as soon as possible!

Student Survival Guide.


Vouchercodes were nice enough to ask me to be the Fashion expert for there lifestyle magazine Most Wanted. The Student Survival Guide is part of a bigger research project that we are putting together to help students enjoy their university experience while being on top of their finances.

 Cardigan and Satchel: Asos (gifted for this) . Dress: Dorothy Perkins (gifted for this). Shoes: Simply Be.

As a fashion expert for this I was asked to choose at least three items from the high street that would be perfect for a student wanting to look stylish throughout the term with only limited funds available.

I was able to get 3 items with the budget with a little left over ( which is going on some Cath Kidston files!) which have already been worn to death! These are items I would wear almost constantly while at Uni, there is nothing that a cute dress can't work with and with the detailed collar and polka dots make it interesting enough without being overly fussy, this can be dressed up or down. In fact it has been already, not only have I worn this to work (which I finished on Friday and miss massively already, it was my perfect job!) but it's also been worn to go out with some of my close friends for drinks. It's comfortable and cute the only downside being because I'm short it's a little to long in the body for me and creases easily, which is a pain for students not wanting to iron! 

The cardigan is perfect it's in a lovely colour and can is really versatile! I've worn it again to go to work in       and to wander around my town, to me its the perfect transitional piece! It can be worn now when its not cold enough for a full coat and will be perfect come full blown winter weather layered under coats. I also think the adorable heart shaped elbow patches make it really different and just adorable! In my opinion if your buying  pieces to last more than a few months you want something a little different so you won't get bored with it.       Finally I got this satchel as for the last few years this has always been my choice of work bag. It can fit files in and notebooks as well as having the vintage styled aesthetic which I love so much. Though I tend to use mine for more than just trucking all my stuff to and from Uni. There also great if your travelling for a day its big        enough for everything you could need but not like lugging around a big ol'rucksack!                                      

Here are my t top five tips on how to keep in the fashion game without over spending -

 1. Ebay - you can find so many copies of really cute things from the high street on there for normally a fraction of the price! You can also get studs and beads from ebay to customise your existing wardrobe!

2. Savvy Sales - If there's something in a store you really like save it on your watch list/wish list on there online site and wait and see if it goes into the sale. I do this ALOT  on sites such as Asos (and in fact did it for the bag above)

3. Promotional Codes - I use them on everything and if I'm buying something online I always check to see if there is any vouchers flying around I can use, if there isn't I'll often wait until there is!

4. Charity Shops - I shop in them all the time, I've bought so many lovely things from them over the years most of the time people don't believe that's where I've got half my clothes from!

5. Investments - If there's a really lovely (and practical) pair of leather footwear or a really good coat in a classic style and you know you'll wear them for a good year to come, invest in them. The Chelsea styled boots I'm wearing above were one of these investment's I've worn them loads and I used a discount code on them! I'd also say  keep your shoes in good check, re-heel get soles redone, it makes them last so much longer!

I hope you liked this! Do you have any tips to keep style savvy on a budget? 


That Girls Rocking...


                                                                           Clements Riberio for Evans.

I think this is going to be a little ongoing thing on my blog quite like my "Currently Coveting" is. There is so many amazing Plus Size (and Straight Size) bloggers that I fangirl over I  felt that it was time for me to let you know who I'm loving.

And of course my first lady is Bethany from Arched Eyebrow who I have had the pleasure of meeting on a number of occasions if I need inspiration for looking amazing this is my first stop.  I've chosen this picture because well I love prints and I don't really have the balls to wear them all over like this! This picture I borrowed off Beth's blog (I asked I'm allowed!) it was taken at the latest Clements Riberio event Evans put on to preview there new current collaboration with the brand. This is not a jumpsuit its in fact a tunic and matching pants but how awesome does it look! I know that some plus sized women wouldn't ever dream of wearing these together but seeing this makes me want to match up all my prints and patterns!Which is totally making this some of my favorite pieces from the Clements Riberio Collection. Just basically Beth makes me want to be braver with my wardrobe choices and of course shes a total babe as well.

Do you have any bloggers plus size or not that give you wardrobe inspiration or even envy, let me know!
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