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Vouchercodes were nice enough to ask me to be the Fashion expert for there lifestyle magazine Most Wanted. The Student Survival Guide is part of a bigger research project that we are putting together to help students enjoy their university experience while being on top of their finances.

 Cardigan and Satchel: Asos (gifted for this) . Dress: Dorothy Perkins (gifted for this). Shoes: Simply Be.

As a fashion expert for this I was asked to choose at least three items from the high street that would be perfect for a student wanting to look stylish throughout the term with only limited funds available.

I was able to get 3 items with the budget with a little left over ( which is going on some Cath Kidston files!) which have already been worn to death! These are items I would wear almost constantly while at Uni, there is nothing that a cute dress can't work with and with the detailed collar and polka dots make it interesting enough without being overly fussy, this can be dressed up or down. In fact it has been already, not only have I worn this to work (which I finished on Friday and miss massively already, it was my perfect job!) but it's also been worn to go out with some of my close friends for drinks. It's comfortable and cute the only downside being because I'm short it's a little to long in the body for me and creases easily, which is a pain for students not wanting to iron! 

The cardigan is perfect it's in a lovely colour and can is really versatile! I've worn it again to go to work in       and to wander around my town, to me its the perfect transitional piece! It can be worn now when its not cold enough for a full coat and will be perfect come full blown winter weather layered under coats. I also think the adorable heart shaped elbow patches make it really different and just adorable! In my opinion if your buying  pieces to last more than a few months you want something a little different so you won't get bored with it.       Finally I got this satchel as for the last few years this has always been my choice of work bag. It can fit files in and notebooks as well as having the vintage styled aesthetic which I love so much. Though I tend to use mine for more than just trucking all my stuff to and from Uni. There also great if your travelling for a day its big        enough for everything you could need but not like lugging around a big ol'rucksack!                                      

Here are my t top five tips on how to keep in the fashion game without over spending -

 1. Ebay - you can find so many copies of really cute things from the high street on there for normally a fraction of the price! You can also get studs and beads from ebay to customise your existing wardrobe!

2. Savvy Sales - If there's something in a store you really like save it on your watch list/wish list on there online site and wait and see if it goes into the sale. I do this ALOT  on sites such as Asos (and in fact did it for the bag above)

3. Promotional Codes - I use them on everything and if I'm buying something online I always check to see if there is any vouchers flying around I can use, if there isn't I'll often wait until there is!

4. Charity Shops - I shop in them all the time, I've bought so many lovely things from them over the years most of the time people don't believe that's where I've got half my clothes from!

5. Investments - If there's a really lovely (and practical) pair of leather footwear or a really good coat in a classic style and you know you'll wear them for a good year to come, invest in them. The Chelsea styled boots I'm wearing above were one of these investment's I've worn them loads and I used a discount code on them! I'd also say  keep your shoes in good check, re-heel get soles redone, it makes them last so much longer!

I hope you liked this! Do you have any tips to keep style savvy on a budget? 

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  1. Great post Rosie. I love the cardigan it's very cute :] xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I'm with you, charity shops & car boots are best for picking up clothes on the cheap. My whole wardrobe is pretty much made up of things from there! xo.

  3. loooove all your picks. You should wear that dress to Maximo Park! x

  4. Your dress is so cute. I love polka dots!

  5. Love this outfit, the cardigan is so cute and those boots are perfect. Great tips too I could have done with you when I started uni! xx

  6. great outfit you look cool pretty in this dress if you want more discount code visit voucher saving


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