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                                                                           Clements Riberio for Evans.

I think this is going to be a little ongoing thing on my blog quite like my "Currently Coveting" is. There is so many amazing Plus Size (and Straight Size) bloggers that I fangirl over I  felt that it was time for me to let you know who I'm loving.

And of course my first lady is Bethany from Arched Eyebrow who I have had the pleasure of meeting on a number of occasions if I need inspiration for looking amazing this is my first stop.  I've chosen this picture because well I love prints and I don't really have the balls to wear them all over like this! This picture I borrowed off Beth's blog (I asked I'm allowed!) it was taken at the latest Clements Riberio event Evans put on to preview there new current collaboration with the brand. This is not a jumpsuit its in fact a tunic and matching pants but how awesome does it look! I know that some plus sized women wouldn't ever dream of wearing these together but seeing this makes me want to match up all my prints and patterns!Which is totally making this some of my favorite pieces from the Clements Riberio Collection. Just basically Beth makes me want to be braver with my wardrobe choices and of course shes a total babe as well.

Do you have any bloggers plus size or not that give you wardrobe inspiration or even envy, let me know!
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