Books and Boots.


Boots: c/o   . Skirt: Joanie Clothing. Scarf: Dorothy Perkins. Top: Primark.

This post is all about boots! Now as a plus size women I've always struggled finding any wide calf boots to fit my chunky little legs and it's so often that the selection in stores that offer wide fit shoes often don't think about the increase in calf size. This is where The Wide Calf Boot Store comes into play. They have a wonderful range of boots in different Calf sizes, all you have to do is measure your calf at home and type in your shoe size and calf measurement into the site and that's it! I believe my calf measurement was roughly an XL in their size chart and I have to admit they fit like an absolute dream on my legs. I've always wanted some boots like this to wear with my vintage dresses and skirts come winter but I'd never found something classic and timeless in style but I'm happy to say now I have. These boots also have a slight heel it's probably less than half an inch but it's enough so you don't feel too flat footed (if that makes sense at all!) 

Now these boots don't come cheap but for quality and something that will last more than a year or so I'd say it's an investment, My only downfall with these boots is that as well as my wide calves I also have wide feet and these were a touch narrow when they fit arrived but now I've worn them in they are much more comfortable! I decided to style these up with this adorable skirt from Joanie Clothing who are fast becoming my favourite brand at the moment. They have the perfect mix of vintage inspired pieces but everyday wearability, I am so in love with them and there will be a huge post about them very soon! Then another recent favourite being roll neck/polo neck jumpers something I used to hate wearing but this year they've just been a life saver to keep the chill at bay! 

Ps. I now kind of have a dog... if you follow me on Instagram you'll have met Patch before! She is my neighbours pooch who I walk everyday anyway but due to him being unwell long term, Patch is now living with me and my family, she's a 15 year old Rescue Jack Russell and can be a pain but she also has very cute moments like here she was curious as to what I was doing outside so decided to join in on the photoshoot! 


Fashion Industry: What It’s Really Like & How To Get In.

The dream of working in the fashion industry often includes a glamorous lifestyle and finally being let in on the secret on how to walk in heels. Admittedly, sometimes the ladder seems to be reason enough to consider a new job search.

In reality, the fashion industry is extremely competitive with a side of perks. To stay afloat and relevant, each fashion company is required to mix business with creativity, and is often backed by thousands of people running a million miles a minute to make that happen. Though watching The Devil Wears Prada does give some insight (and nerves) into what a day to day in the industry could look like, there are also many options for those who may prefer, let us say, a different approach to fashion.

For those who work directly with products, such as designers, stylists and models, the main focus is on creating products, and making them work perfectly. But that also means long hours, little sleep, and constantly working towards the next fashion show. To be in this side of fashion, you must be exceptionally comfortable with the words ‘vision’ and ‘texture’.

Then there are those with the understanding of how to make current trends work in store and with the instincts for future trend forecasting. An empty store off-hours, for example, is the perfect place for a visual merchandiser to work with trends, let the creativity flow, and put together pieces for window arrangements. For assistant and senior buyers, instincts are key as they attend trade shows and predict which pieces and trends will be popular for the following seasons.

Fashion companies also largely depend on the support of those who hold positions that are not fashion-specific. For example, one can be a store manager, personal assistant, social media assistant, or account coordinator. Therefore, for those who may have the dream to work in fashion, but may not have thought they had the qualifications to do so, there are many paths to choose from to get your foot in the door. The best way to break into the industry is leveraging what makes you competitive in combination with a committed job search. Below are a few tips to help with those first steps.

Review your skills. What makes you competitive? Is there a class you can take to help you become more knowledgeable on a specific topic? Could your previous freelance work help you get a freelance job at a fashion company?

Use job search engines. There are several accredited job search engines like Jobrapido that can save you time and help you match your preferences with job openings in Manchester, a city that is becoming UK's second most fashionable city. Apply, follow up, and regularly check on the job offers coming in!

Research positions that interest you. Learn the titles, descriptions, and qualifications for positions that interest you the most.

Network. Reach out to your current network and meet new people in the industry. Go to those meet and greets; you never know what connections you could make.

Natural Curves Classic Girdle.


Girdle: c/o Natural Curves. Dress: Forever 21 (bought from Nancy) Beret: Primark. 

Hello I'm back with another post for you all! This one has also been waiting awhile to be written and I can only apologise but at least I'm here now and going to tell you about my first ever Girdle! As you may notice from my style over the last year I've been showing my vintage style more and more. It's something I've always loved but I just didn't feel like I could wear it all the time but now it makes me happy to dress up more so I do. I've been thinking about trying a girdle with some hold ups for awhile so when Natural Curves emailed me to ask if I'd like to try something from them I just new as soon as I saw the Classic Open Bottom Girdle by Ulla Dessous that it was just my cup of tea. 

Here I'm wearing the 3X which is labelled on the site as a UK20 and it fits well much better than I thought it would. As a novice I thought I'd really struggle using the belts and attaching them to the hold ups (I couldn't find mine when I wanted to take photos so I cut up some old tights for them!) There is 3 buckles on each side which hold them up enough but if you were more heavily into the vintage scene and jive danced you'd potentially need something more hardcore but for me 3 straps are perfect. Another thing I liked about this girdle is it held me in a little without cutting into my stomach and becoming uncomfortable. I've had suspender belts in the past that were honestly useless for anyone plus size but this one by Natural Curves is fab! As it was pretty chilly outside I layer with this adorable printed dress and roll neck top. This look is my more everyday vintage style but I can't wait to wear this girdle when I really go full vintage glam over Christmas! 

As we all know plus size lingerie can be a nightmare to find and Natural Curve offer many styles up to a UK Dress Size 34! It's also pretty rare to find classic high quality lingerie and shape wear that's larger sizes fit so well and these do! You can check out there full collections on the site here. 
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