Learn The Fit at Panache!

 Tattooed Tealady, Betty Pamper and me!

Yours truly and Tattooed Tealady!

A few weeks back now I got the chance to spend a day at Panache HQ with a number of lovely bloggers who the majority I'd had the pleasure of being in there presence before. One blogger I was most excited to 'meet' for the first time properly (because you read there blogs you feel like you already know them!) was Sophia from Tattooed Tealady, not only is she an absolute doll, she's also a good laugh also, hence just rocking the coolest shades you've ever seen up in the picture above!

Panache's  'Learn The Fit' day was a workshop usually aimed at  retailers and retail assistants of them , this was the first time they'd opened to bloggers so we all felt very privileged!The day was led by Karen who owns The Little Big Bra Shop in Market Harborough which isn't too far from where I was at uni so I'm hoping to take a trip there when I go to pick up the last of my belongs! Karen was so lovely, naturally funny and made sure everyone was at ease, I really enjoyed myself and learnt so much! She also told me I was wearing the right sized bra which is always a confidence boost (in case you're wondering I'm at 38E for Panache bra's). We also got to meet some of the buyers and designers who showed us upcoming and current styles along with the mood boards, which as a fashion student myself I loved!

Panache were also lovely enough to let us go away with a swim set and lingerie set from them, both the pieces I chose were from Cleo my favourite range as they are so pretty and colourful (though sometimes I do wish they had more than a row of 2 hooks and eyes) I cannot wait to show you them on as they are too adorable not to! Thank you to everyone at Panache and Best British Bloggers for making my day so lovely (and getting me gluten free food for lunch, it was so sweet of you to do so as I didn't expect it!)

Below are the links to some of the bloggers I got to spend my day with!

Clare - I Like Tweet
And Many More!

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  1. Ah this looks so lovely! Oh my word so many amazing bras!! Sounds like a really interesting opportunity - glad you had a great day XXX

  2. What a great day, I would love to be able to go somewhere which could tell me what size I need to be wearing.

  3. Lovely write up :) Thanks for my little mention! I'm so glad I met you, hopefully see you again at Plus North :) xo

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