Can You Tell Your Prada From Your Primark?

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Can you spot a good deal, do you have an eye for bargain for value for money? Find a good deal in today world can be tricky and sometimes you can be left feeling ripped off. If your not feeling to fantastic when to comes to getting the best deals out of well, everything maybe now is the time to test your skills out on this great infographic the guys at Ladbrokes have created!

Prada or Primark or Primark and Prada? You decide!

Whether you play Deal Or No Deal online or watch it on the telly, you’ll know that to succeed you need to be able to have a sixth sense when you’re on to one of those wonderfully red winning boxes and when to quit. Luck also plays a part as well and of course the lovely people at Ladbrokes Games thought they'd test your perception of value with seven items and seven fictional price tags – but are they offering you a good deal or a bad deal? Play along for fun and find out for yourself on the website whether you can tell the difference between High End and High Street! I've actually played this along with family and friends and they were pretty shocked with some of them!
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1 comment

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