I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks.


   (P)leather Jacket: Dorothy Perkins. Scarf: Vintage, hand me down. Dress: Matalan. Glasses: Select Specs. Shoes: c/o Clarks. Lipstick Rockalily Hot Rod Red.
I have lots of lovely posts to get up for you all this week, well I was supposed to last week but I've seem to have acquired some kind of bloggers block which is so annoying! So for now I thought I'd pop up these pictures Charl from A Ginger Girls Says took of me while we were in Sheffield for a lovely Panache Lingerie event (post up soon, it was amazeballs though!) As we were travelling on the train I wanted to wear something that wouldn't crease easily and more importantly I'd feel comfortable in. This is one of the much loved t-shirt dresses from Matalan though as they're midi length they are always way to long for me so I chopped off a bit and hemmed it to be more wearable for short, little old me! 

Red Lipstick is my confidence booster if I'm going to something I want to feel confident or strong I slick it on. Though it's fast becoming an addiction the amount of varying shades that all look similar in my make up bag is slightly insane but I just can't help it. I'm sure I could be addicted to much worse things! I know you've also seen this jacket a number of times now including the post below but I just adore it so much and I throw it over anything, just so versatile and perfect in so many ways! Okay I'll stop crushing over the jacket now!

Also Charl wanted me to post up the last picture because she thinks it's cute, I was actually dancing like a right idiot when she snapped this, as per usual. Finally I'm going to try and get on it more this week in regards to posting if I can but I know I'll be super busy and on Friday I'm travelling down/across/to Sandhurst for one of my oldest friends passing out balls as he's been there training I'm excited and super nervous but I'll make sure I get plenty of snaps of my evening dress for you!

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  1. Cute outfit...I love the scarf with that dress. Also those glasses are super cute!

  2. ooooh passing out is such a big deal, bet you can't wait. Your hair is looking lovely here xx

  3. Hello. I would be really happy if you check my blog,
    Thank you so much
    xoxo Nika



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