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The lovely guys at Taking Shape recently offered me the opportunity to pop over to a store and take a look as well as have a little styling session with the team at my chosen store. I decided to make the day of it by trotting over to Southport with my parents, who went for a wander while I was there. Firstly I just like to point out how colour and bright the store is and I instantly felt lifted when I walked in. So often with plus size stores you walk in and the lighting is just off and everything is rather dark, Taking Shape is completely different: A riot of colour! The ladies working at the store were also a dream and I am definitely planning on visiting them again as they were fab and just oh so wonderful! So after this it was time to hit the changing rooms which were spacious with good lighting and mirrors something I always pray fitting rooms have!

 This was the first outfit I got picked out for me to try on and I'm generally NOT a trouser girl but I loved these!

 So you can tell from my face the full outfit above is not my cup of tea and probably never will be. That being said I loved the trousers and colour but for my own wardrobe I'd pair these with a Breton stripe.The leggings in the second photo are to die for, I got these in a different pattern and CANNOT wait to show you!

 This jacket would potentially look a little to mumsy on the hanger for my own personal taste but once I got this one I was in love (and have since regretting not picking it up!) Taking Shape jewellery is to die for and I got this necklace, major swoon!

 Another necklace I picked up and absolutely ADORE!

Of course there was some items I tried that weren't something I'd choose to wear but I was willing to try anything on as sometimes that's when you find something that looks amazing but you thought wouldn't!
I was pleasantly surprised with the store as if you look at the lookbook shots online they don't do the actual garments much justice at all. Particularly when as a 20 (almost 21!) year old I did initially worry that the majority of the clothing would be out of my age range but the team were fabulous at choosing pieces that were more edgy and something there more mature customers wouldn't initially choose, like the mesh leggings which are utterly fabulous! Also if you're looking for a statement piece of jewellery I'll now be sending everyone straight to Taking Shape, it was all so pretty I actually came away with two necklaces (which are pictured above). Seizes are from 14-26 but they're really rather generous so if you're size 26+ I'd definitely recommend going to take a look as I've said the staff are great from the ones I've met and know the garments really well so I'm sure they'd be able to assist with any queries. My nearest stores are Liverpool and Southport but you can check out more on the site.

Thanks again Taking Shape for having me and I'm so glad to have found another place to shop (Though my purse is crying!)

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  1. I LOVE that you took mirror selfies with your DSLR!

  2. I went to the Southport store too, they are lovely aren't they? Agree on the necklaces, could have bought all of them!

  3. Hello! Question! are the trousers a good rise? I am desperate for a new pair of work trousers but don't want anything too long rise :)


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