Marisota Pop Up Shop!

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 I attended this event what seems like ages ago now (it probably was) but with another uni deadline rearing it's ugly head and lots of things happening I've only just had a chance to pop these snaps up! I was so happy that Marisota choose to have a Pop up in Manchester for a number of reasons, a) because it's where Marisota are based and JD Williams head office is just five minutes away from where they decided to have the shop and b) because it meant I could leave from work and actually attend something. Due to working mid weeks and my two days off actually being the days I'm in uni I feel like I keep having to turn down such amazing opportunities as of late!

It was wonderful to see a few blogger ladies, faces of old and new(ish) including the fab Beth and Steph you can see me with above. Me and Beth almost became twins deciding to try on the same dresses each time! I would have said it wasn't planned but in the end it was! I saw shown lots of lovely pieces as part of the Shapeology idea and surprisingly found pieces I wouldn't normally have tried on looking pretty good on me. A favourite piece being a lovely swing dress I'll have some snaps of up on the blog soon!

We also got the chance to meet the fab Mark Heyes, I had a quick chat with him towards the end as I didn't get there until gone six. he was lovely and dressed all in white (reminded me of a modern day angel? No just me then...) of course I had to get a cheeky snap or three with him! I'd like to thank the fab team for inviting me to go down and for how amazing everything was laid out! I really hope Marisota think about launching some stores in the future (North West first please!)

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