Golden Renaissance with Simply Be.


It all happened on slightly grey day in October but that didn't matter because me and 3 other fabulous bloggers were there to make the place glow (or in my case get VERY shiny, forgot how boiling it is under lighting!) Of course there was lots of of planning involved mostly by the utterly fabulous team at Simply Be a huge thank you to them for thinking of me and letting me have this opportunity! You can check out the Simply Be website, blog and Facebook page for lots more snaps of us all together and solo! Simply be were also nice enough to pop me into the Doubletree Hilton right by Piccadilly station in Manchester the night before (it is sad to admit that I was overly excited because when I was 17 I once hunted down One Direction there?..)
I met my babes Rachel and Nancy in the bar (I've never met Nancy in person until then but lets just say we had a connection and I LOVE HER) Of course I love Rachel equally as much to!

Then bright an early the next morning we also met up with with adorable Allie as we were all bleary eyed due to the 7.30am set off time and bundled into a mini bus to make it too our wonderful location where we were all united as the awesome foursome when the complete babe  Betty Pamper joined us! The MUA and hair stylists were amazing listening to what our usual looks were or what we wanted to try, I am now slightly obsessed with fake eyelashes! We were put into our rather fabulous outfits and it was ready to shoot! Of course we were constantly primped and primed so we looked right in each shot, I was worried I'd look overly awkward as I'm far more used to being behind the camera on shoots like this not in front of them but thankfully the photographer was a doll and called me sweetpea and somehow got me to naturally smile in the pictures!

Before I begin the mass of photographs below I just want to thank Simply Be again for the opportunity at letting me play model for the day and for letting me get the chance to spend some times with people I was already lucky enough to know and two new fabulous ladies I can now certainly class as friends!

Be... The Sweetest Rose

Be...Ready To Rock 'n' Roll

Be... Unique

Be... Proud of the Women You Are

Be... Pretty as a Pin Up
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  1. Fabulous outfits, and gorgeous confident women. Huge thumbs up to simply be for styling you all in a way that let your personalities shine through. Your outfit is stunning :)

  2. OH my gosh, you all look so lovely!!! <3


  3. You look wonderful and so do all the other ladies. Love that the images are fairly untouched too xx

  4. You all look sooooo beautiful. So obsessed with how shiny your hair!! xxx

  5. You ladies are crazy beautiful. I'm obsessed with everyone's hair!


  6. Rosie I just cannot get over how beautiful you are in these photos! Literally every day this week I've grabbed my boyfriend and shouted in his face "look at my friend Rosie she is sooooo pretty!" hehe :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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