The girls turned 18.


YESSSS I turned 18 last Friday, I had college during the day so as normal I was up at 6am and grumpy but when college had started the girls had got me a cake with candles and one of my best friends Emily had brought balloons to tie up and dib dabs for everyone, it was really sweet of them!

These pictures were taken at a meal I had with a group of friends on Friday night, just pub food nothing fancy but it was lovely having them there all the same! While we were there the worst MJ tribute act came on he was hilarious and extremely creepy as soon as thriller started I literally ran out of the place...haha. The top image is the cake my folks got for me, though I actually asked them for one and then made the collage of pictures to be printed onto it. It has all the things I love on (mainly boys as you can see) it actually tasted really good which surprised me, my dad even got candles to spell out my name!

The middle picture is me and my best friend lily, I honestly don't know what were going to do next year when shes in York and I'm in Leicester but we'll work it out somehow. Anyway this picture was taken at the beginning of the evening because I can tell my make up hasn't worn off at this point. Just to keep this a little fashiony Lily's dress is from river island and you've seen that I'm wearing a number of times on the blog in fact its almost the same as my last outfit post but what you can't see is that I'm wearing tights and denim shorts here.

And finally is a picture of me with the card Lily made for me, she had printed out pictures of all the boys I love and written little speech bubbles for them, its really quite adorable though as my current obsession seems to be Mr Styles I got extremely giddy over his picture! Because yes I really am that lame. So over all my birthday was low key but enjoyable, though Saturday night I made the horrific mistake of somehow consuming what was basically a bottle of vodka to myself (take note: it was straight from the bottle I didn't even mix it with anything) how I did this I do not no, but I very much regret it! Bless my friends for walking me home and actually being nice to me even though I was a out of it. Also not drinking any water when I got in was a HUGE MISTAKE lets just say I've definitely learnt from this and won't be touching this said form of alcohol for quite sometime.

P.s I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who tweeted me on my birthday, it was so so lovely coming home to find them and meant the world to me! I have some outfit posts and reviews to do soon and I'm on my half term break and will try and get them done as soon as possibly.
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  1. yayy happy birthday!
    sorry i didnt tweet on your birthday, i've had the BUSIEST week ever!
    hope you had a lovely time :)
    Rosie xo

  2. oh don't worry about it rosie! my birthday was fine thank you :) xx

  3. Aww Rosie, Happy Birthday again, 18- what an age! Time flies from now. I'll be 23 in September and the last few years have just FLOWN by... Uni went by so quickly. Remember to enjoy it as im sure you will do :)

    Looks like you had a lovely day.

    Laura xoxo

  4. happy 18th birthday, sounds like you had a fun night - creepy MJ tributes and a stinking hangover are all par for the course haha!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx


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