Quarry Bank Mill.


So on the may day bank holiday, my parents dragged me away from my laptop and to styal mill, which isn't far from Manchester really. It's owned by the national trust and as me and my family are members we tend to go to places like this a lot. It was really sunny but extremely windy so I could deal with the warmth (if you've been following me since last summer, you may remember my post about how I hate hot weather..scrooge I know!)

Anyway what Styal mill was originally in fact a cotton mill, where they still produce fabrics today. I have been a number of times but I still enjoy it all the same, its the history of the place I find so fasinating. You can Watch hand-spinners at work which I also feel I learn from as well as experience the clatter of machinery which is seriously so loud, when I went around there was this little boy he was probably 2 and he was loving these massive machines making loads of noise, it was great! Yes I was possibly as excited as he was.

The pictures hanging on the wall I then photographed are of mill workers and there families, who all lived in the styal village which was built especially for them to live in. I just thought these photographs showed how it really was and were also quite beautiful. I have a few more pictures from my trip out which I will put up sooner or later. I hope everyone had lovely Easter holidays and days off! It's now back to college for me but I've now just about got used to my early morning again (I say almost...I haven't really).

And on one last note who else has been invited to the Evans Autumn/Winter collection preview, I'm really excited about being asked and also awfully nervous I've never been on a train to London on my own before and I'm bound to get very lost!
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  1. Lovely post I've been on many a school trip to quary bank mill! Congrats on your invite it sounds ace! xxx

  2. This looks really interesting,
    We just finished looking at the cotton industry in my British Victorian History unit at uni. it would have been well interesting



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