A lovely tea party with Fashion World and Claire Richards.


 Nancy, myself and the lovely Katie and Hollie 

While I was in London almost two weeks ago (HOW depressing is it that it's that long ago now?!) I got the chance to attend some wonderful events and this was my second one. I met up with the utterly fabulous Nancy of Sugar, Darling? and we made our way over to the utterly lovely Haymarket Hotel, which took us longer to find than it should have, I blame google maps! Once we entered through the door we were offered cocktails in a teacup but as I don't drink anymore I really went out and had a glass of water. Next up we ventured into the kitchen and had the option of getting our nails done, naturally any excuse for a bit of a pamper I had mine done the most lovely lilac colour by Essie.

After this we popped on upstairs, yes upstairs is what I said I'll just mention this now that they had it set out like an adorable little home with floral accents and sweet treats galore (basically my dream home) to find a good spot ready for Claire to talk her latest collection with Hilary Alexander, naturally the fashion student in me was very excited about this and I'm happy to report that both ladies were an absolute delight and Claire is honestly in my top five of nice celebrities I've met.

It was fantastic to hear Claire discuss the collection and she is genuinely very involved as I know some celebrities will just front something but Claire goes to very meeting, fit sessions and has a hand in what designs she wants to go for. A number of pieces were inspired by some of her vintage collection and don't worry there isn't a hipster jean from her Steps days in sight! All the pieces look wonderful and you can see the detail and thought process that has gone into each piece, I'd find it impossible to choose a favourite item but I would love to try out the high waisted jeans as I find it impossible to find jeans that look even remotely nice on me! Once the official talk was other Claire popped around talking to everyone but then ended up chatting to us bloggers for about half an hour! It is clear to see that Claire has really thought about how much of a key part comfort is when it comes to plus size clothes but she hasn't compromised on style. Basically she's an utter babe and I now love her a little bit.

The pieces are available in sizes 12 to 32 and you can see and buy Claire's Collection for Fashion World here!

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  1. Omg sooo jealous, I love Steps and would have loved to have met Claire, looks like you had an amazing time!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

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