Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry.

This hat or work of art is inspired by the film "red shoes"
which is one of my favourite old fashioned films.

The piece which is first in the row of four is based on the style
of an old fashioned perfume bottle, complete with air puffer.

A selection of red styled hats, these were situated with the red
shoes piece. Projected on the back ground was clips from the film. I really love this "painter's hat" as well as the paint splattered
piece right underneath it. In the background you can just see the Vivienne
Westwood garment and accessories.
This dress is even more breath taking in person, with
the layers of fabric pleating. The hat is in the style of an
Edwardian fan which is open.
There was so many hats styled with there designer
garments they were made to go with.

Florist inspired hats, just like flowers winding
up a terrace in a English country garden.

This has to be one of my favourite hats in the collection
which was in the exhibition. I think its the detail which has
gone into the piece from the flowers to the pagoda.
I think this was Vivienne Westwood but please correct
me if i am wrong.

Stephen Jones styling a hat onto Anna Piaggi's head himself.

YESSS, he has even created pac-man hats!

The black and white collection of hats.

A random selection of the hats I viewed. Another of my personal
favourites is the bow headpiece that you can just see.

Sorry that this is such a picture heavy post! But there was actually a lot more photo's from this exhibition at the MoMu, that just the few I've posted up for you to have a little look-see, and yes this is another blog post related to my trip to Antwerp but really i just saw so much! I promise there's only maybe two or three posts left for me to write about Antwerp but I'm trying to spread them out so I don't bore you to death, haha. While I'm writing I'd look like to say i drew a few of of head pieces in the collection while i was there and i feel my drawing improved a fair bit since this time last year so I'm pretty happy over that, maybe now I've found my own style of drawing or something? Who knows.
Anyway I want to start off with a quote with was on the wall at the start of the exhibition...
"A hat can be a veil or an alibi, a head turner or a friend. It can give clues or like this forward, serve as the into to all the wonder that lies within." I don't know what it is about this quote but i just think it is beautifully written. The full title of the exhibition I went to is "Stephen Jones and The Accent of Fashion." It guides you through the unique and inspiring world of a hat maker who has worked with a number of great names from the international fashion scene for over three decades. Stephen Jones's hats bring there own punctuation to the silhouette much like question marks in a written piece. Stephen Jones plays a behind the scenes character in the fashion community because of the amount of freedom he is given by any of the designers he works with.
the Stephen Jones exhibition also looks at his early years in London when he was involved with not only fashion but photography, film and maybe the most important music. Stephen was one of the "in" crowd at the Ritz night club in the early eighties. For those who don't know what this was Boy George was also hugely involved with the club as was Steve Strange. This scene that pro-created within the clubs grimy walls was the "new romantics" and Stephen Jones threw himself into this new scene with both hands. At this time Steve made hats for himself and the new romantic crowd one being Boy George and thanks to that man Stephen was "found" and eventually became who he is today. If you watch the culture clubs "Do you really want to hurt me?" you might be able to glance a young Steve Jones in the back ground and its thanks to this video and people wearing his hats in the scene that we now know who he is.
So which is your favourite Stephen Jones hat or head piece? And it doesn't have to be one on this post.
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  1. I just recently stumbled upon your blog and thought I'd say hello :)

    The person in the picture with Stephen Jones looks like Anna Piaggi - and that wedding gown is incredible!

  2. thank youu i have edited it now. so thankyou for putting me straight :) your blog is cute too x

  3. hi!
    i saw this exhibition also and loved it! it inspired me to take up a course in millinery
    my favourite quote from the exhibiton was towards the start, with words to the effect of- whatever you put on your head becomes a hat, regardless of it's previous intended use.. do you by any chance know the actual quote?

    love your page!

  4. I do know the quote! but i can't remember it :P once I've relocated my booklet and notes from the exhibition I'll post them up for you :)

    thank you ever so much for the comment xx


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