The fashion industry ignores fat bodies?


Hello! I’m Natalie from and I’m an Australian artist and designer. Welcome to my weekly guest post for Dangerously Luxe where I redraw runway looks on non-typical bodies. I have lots of opinions on how the fashion industry ignores fat bodies and a lot of my art is centred around having a fat female body as well as the conditioning that comes along with it.

my very first post I was browsing through’s spring 2011 round up and particularly liked these looks going down the catwalk. The Badgley Mischka skirt/ short is adorable (ok, I honestly couldn't’t figure out what it was and went with skirt in the end) and looks a lot like something Gabi would wear. Being quite attracted to bold graphics, sheer fabrics and embroidery the 3.1 Phillip Lim dress was actually my favourite, and I think it’d look incredible on me. Hey Phillip Lim, wanna make me one?

I found this post on and just thought the illustrations were really cool and original and its exactly what i always think and something i feel very strongly about. I do often wish that my drawings were half as good as these!

This was just a little post because the original post really jumped out of the page and spoke to me.

I'm really ill and all full of cold and flu at the moment but i am slowly on the mend. I'll be back to my annoyingly perky self in no time, sneezing a awful lot at this current period.

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