She hates the sun 'cause it proves she's not alone.


And the world doesn't revolve around her soul, no she loves the sky 'cause it validates her

pride, never lets her know when she is wrong.

Finally another outfit post sorry its been a week but the things i often wear for college really aren't worth posting up, ha ha. Though i think i would probably wear this outfit for college but with a cardigan under the jacket because it can get pretty nippy in that big old building which i secretly love. I took these photographs on Thursday and to tell you guys the truth i wasn't feeling very well at all so as soon as i did these i swapped into a baggy top and cardigan and tried to fix my computer, write essays and personal statements all really enjoyable tasks..... I also found out on Thursday that my grandad was rushed to the doctor's due to a really swollen face and hes still sounding really rough about it all, hopefully he'll be back to his dandy self in no time...
Anyway here's what I'm wearing The jacket was original for BHS but i thrifted it from a charity shop at Easter for about 5 pounds and i wear this EVERYWHERE it can look casual or smart its comfy and can keep the chill out it even came with it's spare buttons! Though normally i stick to black coats and blazers I'm slowly filtering into the more navy end of the market. The top i am wearing is relatively new from Dorothy Perkins sale and is ever so comfy its a loose fitting style with a very relaxed shape, I think it would be perfect for hotter days but at the moment i layer it with a long t-shirt underneath. I have no idea where the scarf is from i found in my mum's sock draw when i was about 10 and I've finally started to wear it now, the piece itself has really lovely detailed colours printed onto it and the scarf is also a very rich and deep colour. My bag is originally from Cl arks but i also picked this up at one of the many charity shops i go searching around, whenever i use this bag i think somewhere there's a woman with matching shoes looking for the perfect bag while I'm looking for the perfect shoes. i just wore Evans leggings on the bottom and i have to admit these leggings are my wardrobe staple I don't know that I'd do without them sometimes.
I really love experimenting with lipsticks and I'm more than happy to walk around my house in a rainbow's array of colours, but as soon as i step out i feel really of coneious that people could possibly be giggling because its on my teeth... This lippie was really cheap from superdrug but works surprisingly well, i used some clear powder over it to mattify the look and i have to say i might get the balls to do this in public in the future too.
So tomorrow I'm off for a spot of fabric shopping then bonfire, do any of you wonderful people have any plans for the bonfire weekend?

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  1. I really love this outfit! Everything works so well together. And I love the lipstick too :)

    I hope your Granddad gets better soon as well.

  2. LOVE this! You look fabulous & that bag is so cute. I hope your Grandad gets better soon :)

  3. awwhh thanks guys!

    not bad for charity shop finds :)
    i love both your blogs too, just thought i'd throw it in here :P

    the lipstick was a pound from superdrug, haha xx


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