See you with a broken string, tell me what you really mean, do you know what you want?


See you with a broken string, tell me what you really mean, do you know what you want? While beating up on yesterday, I was on my Rollerblades, rolling on moving on.
On Sunday October 31s which was Halloween. I saw the ever quirky and adorable Eliza Doolittle when she supported Paloma faith and i must say she was really good. Before I went I knew who Eliza was and I'd heard a couple of her songs but now I am definitely going to buy the album I loved every sing song the beauty sang! These photographs were taken at the gig itself, I keep on seeing pictures coming up in my searches and its just so cool to think "yeah, I was there". Anyway the more full views of the whole band and Eliza were taken by me with my basic digital camera on zoom and the full detailed images where you can see her costume were taken by a professional photographer for gigwise.
As it was Halloween Eliza did dress up as a kind of zombie/dead wife and her band were all beautifully dressed as her "ex husbands" it was truly very well done. I also met Eliza after the show and she signed my ticket and had a photo with me, which was so lovely because I know from experience that not all bands or singers will meet the fans. Though in the excitement I forgot to ask the questions I had actually been thinking off. One being where was her dress from? or was it vintage as I thought or inspired by it and made by a label?
So I decided I'd tweet Eliza and ask but what are the honest chances of a singer with 22 thousand follows plus replying, well low and behold she did saying it was borrowed of a friend of hers and to definitely ask her! well I thought it was really nice of her to reply to my question. I am yet to sent a tweet to her friend but my twitters not working but once it is I most totally am going to!
have any of you lovely readers been to any good gigs recently or have you got any planned, I'd love to know.
EDIT... Eliza's lovely friend she borrowed the dress off tweeted me back and i was right it was vintage.
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