These pictures are from the Dune press event I went to last week from the Bertie section which I have to say is my favourite! I took so many pictures I'm having to split them into a few posts, I never used to be a lover of shoes but now I seriously am!

I just want to say a big thank you to Amy for inviting me to the event it was my first none plus size press event and I did very much enjoy it as I did the clutch bag I got given which will be perfect to brighten up all my black gear so watch out for that in and outfit post over the coming month! All the shoes were amazing and I've always lusted over Bertie's collections and when bloggers wear the shoes, one selection of there shoes which were displayed in a cabbage patch no less were my favourites and they were inspired by festivals primarily coachella I even did a little video in the Bertie Shed about the shoes with Amy (the image second from the top was taken by the lovely Amy in the shed!) I don't know whether the video will ever be seen, but I do recall using the word hip honestly you'd think I was really old!

Over all it was a lovely event even though I did feel a bit out of place going to it all by myself, though I'm very proud that I was brave enough to do so! Hopefully I'll get invited to some others in the future as it was honestly so interesting! And I finally got to meet Amy who I now adore even more!
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  1. I love the cabbage patch, its fab, I have been lusting of so many of dune and berties shoes recently, I am blaming you :) xxxx

  2. Love all the pictures from the Dune event, the layout of all the products looked lovely and a bit different! Glad you had a lovely time :) xxx


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