The old fashioned shop.


Just a quick post to show you the interior of a little museum I've now visited twice with both my parents on separate occasions. Its actually about a 5ish minute walk from my uni and my halls, I really love this place its also free which is a bonus! They have a whole street set out inside too and its soo cool, though theres sound effects in the pub room (which I'll show you another time) that bloody terrified me and my mum!

I love the idea of shops being like this again even though this is very much in the past and with stores adding more and more high tech pieces to them, there is no way anywhere would go back to how it was in the good old days! Oh gosh I'm seriously starting to sound like my mum, help! There was also some lovely sections which how they displayed the ribbons and fabrics and being a fashion student I obviously loved it!

Right just thought I'd throw out there that I'm going to the Curves in Couture show (with much thanks to Evolve mag who invited me as one of there guests) in London next Thursday, which its pretty last minute and slightly unplanned but should be super fun, I'm even staying with a very old friends who's at uni in London so I'm very much looking forward to it! Let me know if your going so I can say hi or come sit with you! I'm also hopefully going to the Simply Be/Simply Yours event the Thursday after that too and I'll be staying in London on the Wednesday evening ready for the event on the Thursday morning so if your going to that let me know to!!!
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