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I fear that I rarely smile in my outfit pictures for this I'm so sorry! I do smile in person honest ask some of the bloggers I've met! Now this is what I wore for uni on Friday when my tutorial was canceled so really I had a free day and then my dad came at like half 3 to pick me up and we visited a lovely museum (which I'll post about soon).

So this shirt I've actually had for about 2 years and I've just hardly ever worn! the neckline isn't to tight and the arms are loose as well which is brilliant if its warm or like me you roll your sleeves up all the time! The tops print is supposed to be Broadway I think and I bought it from a charity shop for a couple of pounds which wasn't to bad! I really should wear it more as its so unusual.

My hair was just clipped up out of the way as its getting quite long now and is starting to annoy me but I will not cut it short like I normally end up doing! I still REALLY want ombre hair in fact I might test the bleach on a strand of my hair tomorrow and might even do it, yes that is how much I want a change. My lipstick is a rimmel one I picked up during the summer but I think it works really well for winter to as it adds a pop of colour to a otherwise monochrome outfit. I also have eyeliner on in the traditional flick (which I seem to be getting worse at the less I wear it) I bought a rimmel felt tip styled one and as much as its supposed to be easier it smudges really badly so I'm tempted to go back to my old brand which was a bit cheaper too.

I finally feel like I'm getting into blogging better now, even though I'm behind with uni work already! And yes my title is from another Ed Sheeran song.
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