Monday Mugshot, Week 9.

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1. As if I'm on week 9 already uni has seriously gone so fast! I only have a couple of weeks left then I'm done for Christmas which is totally crazy but YAYYY CHRISTMASSS, if you don't know I've been listening to Christmas music since half way through October and I'm glad more people are starting to feel festive!

2. I'm having to wear my beret a lot at the moment, my hairs pretty much completely grown out and my fringe is just driving me mad but I actually quite like the centre parting when I've got my hat on, thankfully on Saturday morning when I'm home I'm going to get it cut though I don't know what I want done or if I want to have a long fringe, what do you guys think?

3. Most of you by know will of seen or heard via twitter about curves in couture and how amazing and fun it was, honestly I forgot how much I loved spending time with bloggers such as Lauren Claire and George (who I met on the night of the show!) I think once you start bloggers and speak to bloggers you've seriously made friends for life!

4. This week I'm yet again off to London for a night... even though I have a deadline the following Monday... I just couldn't pass up on the simply be event and then I've literally just been asked to the Dune/Bertie shoes one and well I ADORE BERTIE SHOES so I'm going to try and make that one on Wednesday as well, so if anyones attending this then please let me know I don't really fancy it alone and not knowing anyone!
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1 comment

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