Monday Mugshot, Week 8.

1. Hi, guys I'm afraid I had to take the picture quickly because I've spent most of the evening finishing a assignment off for uni which has actually killed me THANKFULLY I'm only in for an hour tomorrow, so I'm planning on getting some more of my sketchbook and trend report done, whether I will is another thing entirely but its my plan!

2. Finally seem to be getting into my work which can only be a good thing, now I've got 2 god awful briefs out of the way! I'm doing my fashion buying brief on Evans clothing so it should be really interesting, I hope!

3. Yes I am in my Pjs here, they remind me of old lady ones though I could always get away with saying there vintage inspired which them makes them cute! haha I've given up on dressing excitingly at the moment but I will get back into it once I get a few new pieces I've been dreaming about for weeks, so I figure if I've dreamt about them then its meant to be, right?

4.I've started a little bit of a selling blog for some of my clothes which are worth selling go to to have a look if you want any of the pieces I'll weigh them next time I'm home to let you know the cost of postage but none of it should be over a fiver on anything I will ship internationally but it will cost more.
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  1. You have a great blog here as well as your other one! Lovely pieces. :)

    Hope we can give one antoher a follow. :)


  2. seems like you have a whole lot planned! all those events sound amazingi wish i could make it too but i live too far away. have fun though im looking forward to your reports



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