Regarding the title of this post I actually have no idea if that's how you type out the noise a owl makes, so just go with it. I took a fair few photos today ready for posts throughout the week just in case I don't get time to/or just don't dress remotely well during the fashion show next week! A lot of the pictures I took actually worked out pretty well so it was hard to choose the best, but some may squirm there way into a future post.

So what am I wearing, this top was in one of my first half decent outfit posts on here and I bought it last summer from Topshop. It wasn't cheap but the top is just lovely and there is so much fabric in it! I know for a few plus size women Topshop seems to be a no go, but I always go in when I'm with my friends because generally they shop there not so much me but sometimes I can drop on pieces that I love and that fit me. And I can't say this enough but its worth just going around straight size shops once in a while you never know what you might drop on. My skirt is from h+m and I bought it while in London, I swear its the best 6.99 I've ever spent I need to get it in more colours. My leggings are a pair from Evans which I love but they are just really thin.

Now to go onto my accessories my bag is vintage from a charity shop and was about 4 pounds though I've used it that much its had pieces of leather replaced but It's still as lovely as when I first found it. My mum originally bought it for herself but after about a month of it sitting in her wardrobe I nabbed it for myself. These are my new glasses I'm planning on doing a proper post for them once I get some decent shots of me wearing them close up. Since I've been wearing them more (because I'm actually supposed to wear them all the time...) people have asked me if there real or I just wear them for fashion. And I would just like to state that they are real and I do very much need them to be able to see!

I think this may be the first time I've had my hair sort of wavy on the blog, I tend to just wear it straight more than anything as because of how thick my hair is curls just drop out far to quickly, but these stayed in pretty well so possibly I'll style it like this more often. The lipstick I'm wearing is one of my latest buys and its from Rimmel and the colour is kiss me. Hopefully either this weekend or next week I'm going to do a post on what I'm planning to wear for my friends 6th form prom I would love your thoughts on the look. Yet again I'm yawning my face off!
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  1. I love your glasses bb!

    Your hair looks gorgeous & these pictures are lovely.

  2. LOVING your top, I have the same skirt but have been stuck on what to wear it with but you've nailed it! x

  3. You look lovely!! And your hair is just amazing! :)

  4. owl's are always hoot hoot to me.

    that being said, ur outfit is divine!!

  5. You have gorgeous hair :) I like the skirt its pretty X

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