Well, I don't wanna wake up in the mornin but I've got to face the day.


Okay so this isn't the most exciting outfit in the world but it seems to be another staple of mine, which is stripes. I will always automatically gravitate towards them when I'm shopping just ask my friend I'll go up to a top in a store and be like "ohh I like this!" her answer will then be "it is because its got stripes on?" I don't know if this makes me predictable or just boring but I will alwats wear stripes. I know people used to often say fatter people shouldn't wear stripes as they make you look wider? well personally I think that is total bollocks.

This kind of look is what I will generally wear for college or just on a day to day basis,I wore this to college on Thursday and yes here our my jeggings from New Look making a second appearance, if anything as much as I love how they look now I will be forever pulling them up.
The tunic top is really old and was from New Look when I was about 12 or 13? But I wear it all the time even though its slowly becoming a little worn and holey. My cardigans from Dorothy Perkins I also own the same one in black and royal blue. The shoes you met in my post a few days ago, I'm just getting used to wearing them again after my other pair went to shoe heaven. My necklace is also from Evans and was purchased in the sale, I love how it just has a lovely vintage look.

Now you may notice I'm wearing glasses again in this outfit post, these are actually my new pair and when I first put them on I wasn't sure but they've definitely grown on me and now I love wearing them, which is a good job as I'm supposed to have them on all the time. These are from Gok Wans range at specsavers but I'll dedicate a proper blog post for them in the next week or two because they deserve to be seen in all there glory. Also in the next few weeks I'm going to be posting some of my final collection and photos from fittings up, just so you know.

And on one last final not here is me and Benji the dog who I walk most days, cheers to my brother for taking these an all.

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  1. I want your dog please.

    And I am the exact same when it comes to floral print. A good 60% of my wardrobe has florals on it, I need to stop buying it haaha! You look lovely bubs xx


  2. Im a stripes fan too, they look cool. Like this outfit too! :)


  3. more stripes! :D
    you know how i love stripes :')
    i'm loving your hair atm by the way! :D
    Rosie xo

  4. Wardrobe staples are always the best! I love seeing other people's casual clothes xx

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