Tree's and timber.


The post is only called this because a) there are tree's largely in the background and b) you can see some random bits of wood behind me as well. I took these photos in May but never got round to posting them, they were taken at my Granny's which a lot seem to be at the moment but we can blame this on the fact I can find places to balance my camera without having to lug my tripod everywhere.

So this is something I wore for college and you've seen all these pieces before. The top I bought while I was in London from New Look and its from the normal range but its supposed to be a baggy fit but I wear it more fitted and its really comfy. My skirt was a sale bargain from Dorothy Perkins and I tend to wear it almost weekly as it also works for the whole range of weather, which lets be honest is basically perfect for a British summer! The cardigan is also a much used and abused item of my wardrobe its worn basically all the time and is beginning to fall apart but until I find the perfect replacement it will have to survive. Of course I'm wearing my little floral headband I made myself! I'm hoping to make some more I just love wearing it so much.

I feel this is a pretty short post for me but I'm kind of mentally exhausted from writing my toile diary and just generally over thinking. So I don't want to bombarded you with me wittering on, also I have some pictures of my models in my garments I'll get them up as soon as possible! I'm so tired now that if I yawned I'd possibly swallow my face.
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  1. haha the last comment ^_^
    i love the combo!
    especially the top :)
    Rosie xo

  2. I took some photos at the gardens of the house I had a conference in recently, people thought I was mad haha. I don't have a tripod, really need to get one

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