Kill The Young.

"Kill The Young are from the Northwest of England, this trio is made up of three brothers, Tom (Vocals & guitar), Dylan (Bass) and Oliver Gorman (drums, vocals & keyboard). Kill the Young have things to say and protest even with their name which underlines the pressure exerted by the consumer society over the youth.It’s a universe that evolves, their music is a mosaic of transatlantic and British influences: growing up on bands like Smashing Pumpkins and R.E.M through to the English post-punk scene, up to modern acts such as Radiohead and The Arcade Fire. At 18, they succeeded to conquest the continent.After 2 albums selling at more than 50.000 copies in Europe, a last tour of more than 150 dates around Europe and the biggest festivals, the band owns a strong reputation in the musical European area." I borrowed this off there website as it explains them much better than I ever could.

I went to a little gig at my local pub on Saturday night there were lots of bands playing through out the day but I only went for Kill The Young a rather old friend plays for them at the moment and they've just come back from gigging for 3 months in France. One of the things I kind of love about them is that they can walk through my town high street and no one will bat an eyelid but in the past they've been chased by fans in France, which is insane but also amazing that they can just do whatever they want when there home. I know other musicians/well known people who aren't quite so lucky. But I won't go on and on about them now because this would then become a very wordy post, though I'm starting to listen to them a lot so I'm guessing a few posts will have titles related to there songs in the near future.

The first picture (if you can even see it properly) is of my friend Jake he took lead for one song. He's actually in another band called This Machine Is Off and I have to say I love this band, I've been to see them a number of times and tend to go to gigs when there supporting other bands also. The last time I watched them perform it was when they were supporting Kid British, I always find out about other really cool bands from just going to watch TMIO support and play. At the moment they haven't been doing much as Jake's been in France with Kill The Young but hopefully they'll come trickling back into the scene.
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